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Converge adds 1.3Tbps capacity for fully redundant subsea cable network

Converge ICT Solutions Inc has announced that they have boosted their international network capacity by an additional 1.3Tbps or TeraBits per second in the C2C cable system.

The C2C cable system is a part of the EAC-C2C (East Asia Crossing-City to City) network, Asia’s largest privately owned submarine cable network, that stretches to 17,000km. This cable system connects the Philippines to major data hubs like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korean, and China.


With the additional 1.3 Tbps capacity on C2C going to Converge, customers are assured that connections are now fully redundant, which means guaranteed network availability in the even of a submarine cable outage.

“It is our vision to make the Philippines a digital hub in Asia and securing much needed international bandwidth is key to realizing this vision. We’re strengthening our international capacity portfolio in anticipation of tremendous demand in data in the coming years within and outside of Asia. This is a step in future-proofing our international network, especially as we have started with our Wholesale business,” says Converge Founder and CEO Dennis Anthony Uy

To date, Converge says that 700Gbps out of the additional 1.3Tbps capacity is already active.

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