Converge Xpress Pass discounts, free upgrades on Shopee 7.7 sale

Converge has recently partnered with Shopee to provide an online shopping experience for its customers. With the announcement of this partnership, Converge will offer Xpress Pass discounts and free upgrades on Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale from July 1 to 7, 2021.

According to Converge, customers will get 77% discounts on all Xpress Pass Vouchers and a Free Speed Upgrade of up to 800Mbps for one month through Shopee.

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Through its official store on Shopee, customers, within the serviceable areas, may avail of Converge ICT’s Digital Vouchers (Xpress Passes) for perks such as priority handling of a Converge Representative and installation schedule within 3-5 days.

Other than Xpress Pass, customers can also avail of plans of up to 400 Mbps with FiberX Residential Plans 1500 (35Mbps), 2500 (100Mbps), 3500 (200Mbps), as well as FiberX Time of Day plans through the platform.

“Partnering with Shopee, one of the leading marketplace e-commerce platforms, gives Converge the opportunity to be available wherever our existing and prospective customers are. It allows us to serve our customers better by providing a seamless digital shopping experience and a range of digital payment options they can choose from. With just a tap of a finger, our customers can avail of internet plans fit for their daily needs,” said Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus Romero.

You may visit Converge ICT’s official store on Shopee for more information.

2 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Seriously. They can’t cater to the applications at a reasonable amount of time that they had to offer an Xpress Pass to be prioritized. Converge has one of the worst customer service.

  2. WillC says:

    You are paying for what should have been free. This is paying for priority customer service. Sneaky.

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