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CP Union warns Lyka users over security and data privacy risks

The ICT Org Computer Professionals’ Union warns Lyka users about the dangers of using the platform, emphasizing its potential security and data privacy risks.

The said org warns the Filipinos against using the social media platform Lyka that promises to pay its users every time they engage in the platform.

The Lyka app works just like any other social media platform, except that engagement on the app corresponds to a monetary value in the form of GEMs. With GEMs, users can purchase items from one of their several partner stores. As earning gems work as incentives, people share more and more information on the platform. CP Union mentions that it may just end up as a scheme for large-scale market research.


The org has then cited concerns on security and data privacy perspective, such as follows:

• Section A of Lyka’s privacy policy details the information the app will collect from its users, including names, addresses, contact details, and even IDs and bank details. All these data, when collated together, form a very clear picture of someone’s identity and allows unscrupulous users to use these data for nefarious means.
• Section C indicates that Lyka may “disclose your Personal Data to other users and our partners and to service providers engaged by us to assist us to provide services to you or who otherwise process Personal Data for purposes described in this Privacy Policy or notified to you when we collect your Personal Data.”

Furthermore, the same section also states that the platform may also disclose users’ personal information to actual or potential buyers in the event of a merger or acquisition of any part of Lyka’s business. Plus, there are also reports of Lyka accessing the users’ cameras without their consent.

CP Union also reminds users that “free” doesn’t truly exist in social media. The org also mentioned that Lyka users might be giving away their personal data and privacy in return. As of February 2021, users cannot delete or deactivate a Lyka account once created.

Source: Computer Professionals’ Union FB Page

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    So,What to do to account if want to delete it?

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