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ePLDT launches cloud-based phone system service

PLDT has launched a new, cloud-based phone system called ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams which allows businesses to combine their communication and collaboration systems in a single platform.

ePLDT, in partnership with Microsoft and AudioCodes, developed ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams—is a modern enterprise voice solution that combines business communication and collaboration systems to enable employees to integrate calls into their workflow seamlessly. According to PLDT, the service aims to help boost the efficiency of business to improve overall outcomes while reducing costs, application overload, and worker fatigue.

Additionally, Businesses can get real-time insights on the quality of calls made to ensure smooth communication and customer satisfaction. Calls are also protected with built-in security and privacy from Microsoft 365. For more information about this, this service harnessed the collaborative power of Microsoft Teams and utilized PLDT SIP connectivity and VITRO Data Center to create a hybrid telephony and video conferencing solution.

To learn more about ePLDT Calling, click here .

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