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Facebook, Messenger, Instagram to add Account Center for cross-posting on mobile devices

Facebook has recently added an Accounts Center across its mobile apps to allow users to control and manage their accounts on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram in one tab.

The Accounts Center features Single Sign-On feature which lets users log in and recover their accounts more easily and cross-posting of stories and posts across Instagram and Facebook. Through the new feature, users can sync account updates made on Facebook and Instagram such as name and photo. They may opt to turn off this feature if they wish to have different identities across your accounts. In terms of data use, information collected across Facebook’s apps is still used to personalize user experience and show more relevant content including ads while following Facebook’s strict Data Policy.

Facebook will start the testing for the Accounts Center on mobile devices this week. It can be found on the settings of Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Source: Facebook Newsroom

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