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Facebook intros Portal Go, Portal+ video-calling devices

Facebook has just introduced two new additions to the Portal family of video-calling devices— the Portal Go and Portal+.

The Portal Go sports a 10-inch display, an integrated handle, and a built-in rechargeable battery. It features a 12MP with a 125-degree Field of View (FOV) and a 4-mic array for video calls. It comes in the color white, and it has dimensions of 17.37 x 25.65 x 7.87cm.

On the other hand, the Portal+ boasts a 14-inch HD (2160 x 1440) touchscreen display with tilt. It also features a 12MP with a 131-degree FOV. Besides, it also comes in the color white and has dimensions of 25.07 x 31.28 x 9.80cm.


The Portal Go and Portal+ are equipped with two 5W speakers and a 20W woofer for audio. For connectivity, both also come with WiFi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and Bluetooth 5.1.

Moreover, both devices support video calls in Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, Workplace, BlueJeans, GoTo, and more. Plus, both also come with Amazon Alexa built-in.

Meanwhile, Facebook also announced adding support for Microsoft Teams for all Portal touch-based devices, including Portal Go and Portal+ beginning in December.

The company is also introducing Portal for Business, a new service for SMBs to leverage Portal’s video calling and collaboration tools by deploying and managing Portal devices. As per Facebook, through Portal for Business, SMBs will be able to create and manage Facebook Work Accounts for their teams. This is a new account type on Portal and will be available for many Facebook work products over the coming year. Portal for Business is currently in closed beta in the US.

The Portal Go is priced at USD 199, while the Portal+ retails at USD 349. Both devices will begin shipping on October 19, and pre-orders are now open through portal.facebook.com.

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