GCash to charge Cash In via Mastercard/Visa

GCash to charge Cash In via Mastercard/Visa

UPDATE (July 8, 2020): On July 6, 2020, GCash has suspended its Cash via Bank Card service until further notice. Users may still Cash In for free via BPI and UnionBank in the GCash App, or via BDO, Metrobank, etc. in the bank’s mobile app.

GCash has announced that they will be charging for their Cash In service via MasterCard and Visa. The company notes that this change is due to the direct charges from their payment partners.


Starting July 6, 2020,  a 2.58% convenience fee will be charged when using either MasterCard or Visa to add funds to your account. This applies to all Cash In transactions, regardless of amount.

For example, if you were to cash in PHP 100 to your account, with a 2.58% convenience fee charge, the total amount charged to your card would amount to PHP 102.58.

If you don’t want to pay the extra 2.58% convenience fee, you may still cash in via BPI and UnionBank with no additional charges. You can also fund your Cash account using your bank’s app/website via InstaPay service which is free until further notice.

Read GCash’s full help post here.

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