Globe and Smart LTE ranked according to region

Globe and Smart LTE ranked according to region

The latest Philippine internet report from mobile network measuring company Opensignal showed that

Based on the new report, Smart Telecommunications dominates LTE speed in the whole country as it posted bigger differences with speeds peaking at 12.4Mbps in the National Capital Region (NCR), while rival Globe has posted a 7.8Mbps result. This pattern is also seen in other regions in the country, the only exemption being the Visayas where the two telcos go neck-in-neck as Smart edges out Globe by just a mere 0.1Mbps.


LTE availability, on the other hand, seems to be in favor of Globe Telecom. Opensignal’s tests have resulted in the blue brand gaining the upper hand in the National Capital Region with a 72.5% availability as opposed to 67.5% posted by Smart. Other regions have decent availability, but falls short when it arrives in North Central Luzon: Globe still leads at only 52.8% while Smart is a lot less with 33.9% availability.

As you may recall, Opensignal published a report last September with Smart taking the lead in LTE speed at a 10.55Mbps average. This report broken down by region has been reported in Opensignal using data collected from a collection of 1,048,336,696 measurements from 62,502 test devices, covering the period between May 1 to July 31, 2017.


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15 Responses

  1. ocommon says:

    Paasa lang globe, kunwari may LTE signal, pg download mu nga-nga na tsk..tsk..

  2. Errol Jarogon says:

    Ask ko lang po kung may lte na ang smart at globe dito sa Calbayog City Samar. Thanks

  3. xisra4 says:

    Lols for Globe having better availability. Says 4g(it’s worse on H+) on your phone but can’t even load Messenger. 3G SMART > LTE Globe

  4. Samuel says:

    False data. Our daily internet speed everywhere is still shitty maybe around 1 Mbps so don’t fool us with this data.

  5. David Hall says:

    Smart in Puerto Princesa is very unstable. Sometimes it is on, then off, then on, etc. I am about ready to try Globe. It couldn’t be any worse. LOL.

  6. trapik says:

    pag na speedtest ka sa globe humaharurot sa bilis 30-40s daw napakabilis di ba?!

    pero pag nag download ka na, pucha madalas less than 2 mbps, e ang dami ko pang data allowance. manloloko talaga tsk tsk tsk

    • Tissuepaper says:

      Download speed can be varied depends on the host of your download file. Its not just about your provider speed.

  7. el gato says:

    sa town namin at mga malapit na lugar gamit amg globe lte. makukuha namin ang advertised download speed according to our globe lte plan. ang mali lang ay kung gagamit kami ng prepaid lte… ang ibibigay ng globe ay edge speed. :)

  8. Chot says:

    Smart has done major upgrade in sta maria, bulacan. Kudos! As for globe i literally have to go outside the house just to get a signal. Now they ask me why i want to cancel my subscription. Their LTE signal is a joke as per my relatives.

  9. Philip says:

    So far jm really pleased sa data speed at reliability ni smart. Haven’t tried globe and im not planning to because of my experience with awfully arrogant frontline staff sa mga stores. Wala mang bells and whistles ang smart and perhaps our data cost is high compared to other countries pero smart does the job for me.

    • David Hall says:

      You only have to deal with an arrogant staffer for a few minutes, but a poor WiFi signal is a continual pain you experience 24/7.

      If the signal is good, I could care less about a rude front line staff.

  10. jyb says:

    Depende sa area. . dito sa La UNion lakas nang Globe LTE and 3G pagdating sa speed at signal at download compara sa Smart na kailangan mo pa lumabas ng bahay para magka lte pero sa Baguio opposite.

  11. c says:

    mas bulok ang smart pero bulok din ang globe

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