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Globe HACKS70: 1GB Data + 7GB GoWatch for 7 Days

Globe Telecom has just confirmed that it is rolling out HACKS70, a new prepaid promo where you’d get more data allocations for Php70.

In a tweet, the telecom confirmed that it is indeed a legitimate promotion offered to prepaid subscribers. It consists of 1GB of Mobile Data, 7GB of GoWatch — mobile data allocated to video streaming such as from YouTube, Netflix, HOOQ, Tribe, Disney, NBA, and Cartoon network — as well as 700MB of GoPlay mobile data for Globe Games. The promo is valid for a seven-day use.

Update: We’ve also received information regarding HACKS90, another promo that offers 2GB of mobile data and all the other GoWatch and GoPlay perks for Php90. This one, like HACKS70, is also valid for seven days. According to Globe, the said promos only apply to eligible users, to which criteria have not been specified.

To subscribe, key in the word HACKS70 or HACKS90 to 8080 or dial *143# on your phone.

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50 Responses

  1. Avatar for Christian Christian says:

    Registered po ako sa HACKSCOMBO50 at nag message ang globe nag load ako ng GOWATCHHACKS50, nag extend po yung data ko, pero ng nag load po ako ng gosakto90 na? Hindi na po nag extend. .hindi na ba talaga nag eextend ang gosakto90? Thanks po

  2. Avatar for Rose Rose says:

    Paano po eextend?

  3. Avatar for Cyanide Cyanide says:

    Naka avail ako HACKSCOMBO50
    1 GB sa Surfing, then 6GB sa Gowatch&Play
    pero ang problem ko is.

    Bakit ganun?

  4. Avatar for Stephen Stephen says:

    Pano po ba makuha ung HACKS70?

  5. Avatar for Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Paano po maging eligble sa promo na to, meron po bang qualifications or kailang nang bagong sim or etc. Please po paki detail if know nyo po. Thanks

  6. Avatar for Kheyth Kheyth says:

    Pwede po ba iextend validity nyan Kung sakali di masaid yung data?

  7. Avatar for Bea Bea says:

    Guys. Gumagana pa ung hacks70?. Thankyou sa sasagot

  8. Avatar for Jas Jas says:

    Gud am! Ano Po ba keyword to claim gowatch freebies na YouTube? I registered HACKS149 but incorrect daw ung keyword ko na WATCH YOUTUBE pano po ba? Anybody can answer me po? Thanks!

  9. Avatar for CARLO CARLO says:


  10. Avatar for KILLERDO30 KILLERDO30 says:


  11. Avatar for Claire Claire says:

    Bakit ung data KO nababawasan pag nanunuod ng Netflix.. Di sya nababawas sa free watch and play na free data..

  12. Avatar for Michelle silva Michelle silva says:

    Available pba ang hacks90?

  13. Avatar for jeane jeane says:

    Legit siya. Pero selected customer lang. kasi 3 Globe number ko lahat active. tapos yung HACKS99 ay doon lang sa Globe ko na number na halos 5 years ko ng ginagamit.

  14. Avatar for Nice Nice says:

    May kasama po bang allnettext yung hacks99?

  15. Avatar for Ben10 Ben10 says:

    Wala na pog hacks90 sayang nga last may 19 lang daw yon kasi miski ako di namakapag register pa expired na hacks90 ko sadlayp

  16. Avatar for bernadette m. barroca bernadette m. barroca says:

    Ok pbang mag register ng hecks90? Sbe kse hanggang may 19 lang un e

  17. Avatar for Grace Grace says:

    Yung akin meron lang HackSurf50 avail ko now
    You may now enjoy your GOSURF50 with FREE 3GB of GoWatch (You Tube, Netflix, Tribe, Hooq) and 300MB GoPlay (AOV, Mobile Legends, Pokemon, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans) valid for 3 days. To check status, text GHREW to 8080 for free. This is a free advisory.

  18. Avatar for Mikko Mikko says:

    Mine is working for HACKS90 but not with HACKS70.

  19. Avatar for Banban mercurio Banban mercurio says:

    Pag nakaregister na sa hacks90 automatic apply na ba? Makakadirect open na po ba ako youtube?

  20. Avatar for Banban mercurio Banban mercurio says:

    Pag nakaregister na sa hacks90 automatic apply na ba?

  21. Avatar for Ronald Ronald says:

    Pa-confirm naman po kung may unlitext to all networks pa rin ba ung Hacks90?

  22. Avatar for cj cj says:

    naka register po ako sa HACKS90, ang end daw po ng promo ay sa 19, pano po kaya kung mag register ulit ako sa 19, hindi kaya mawala yung promo sa 20 at maging ordinary gotscombodd nalang ulit siya?

    • Avatar for Tris Tris says:

      I dont think so. Anjan parin data mo pero hindi ka na makakaregister nyan pag may 20

  23. Avatar for Mr. Madaya Mr. Madaya says:

    Di ko macheck mobile usage ko sa Hacks90. Does anyone know how po?

  24. Avatar for Rei Rei says:

    yep hacks 90 is legit and I’m one of the eligible customers, probably because I’ve been using their gotscombodd90 for almost months already?

    • Avatar for Jan Jan says:

      i tried watching netflix pero hindi naman nababwasan yung allocated MB ko for video stream yung 2gb sa consumable mismo yung nababawas. wc is weird.

  25. Avatar for Ronlad Ronlad says:

    May free unlitext to all network pa rin ba ang hacks90 or hacks70?

  26. Avatar for Mis Mis says:

    Article is misleading. It didn’t said that it is only available to selected custometrs

    • Avatar for Carl Lamiel Carl Lamiel says:

      “According to Globe, the said promos only apply to eligible users, to which criteria have not been specified,” as written in the post.

  27. Avatar for Zyzyy Zyzyy says:

    Legit po yung HACKS90 :). Kaso kailangan tetext ka ng Globe na elegiblr ka.

    • Avatar for luis luis says:

      pano maging eligible user? kaylangan ba muna mag registered sa gosakto70 o diretso na agad sa hacks70?

  28. Avatar for Foryou Foryou says:

    Legit po, text into ng globe sa akin.. HAHAHAH
    There’s a special version of GOTSCOMBODD90, just for you! Bigger with additional 7GB to Go Watch apps like YouTube, Netflix, Tribe, Hooq and 700MB Go Play for Mobile Legends, AOV, COC and more! Valid for 7 days, for the same price of P90. To register, text HACKS90 to 8080 until May 19, 2018.

  29. Avatar for Frank Frank says:

    Sana meron din sa mga postpaid ?

  30. Avatar for Har har har Har har har says:

    Harhar, if you just read the message. selected customers = fake news? Think again brother…

  31. Avatar for Harhar Harhar says:

    From 8080: Sorry, but this offer is available to selected customers only. To know more about Globe promos, dial *143# for free. Thank you.

    • Avatar for Carl Lamiel Carl Lamiel says:

      Hindi fake news kasi confirmed naman po ng Globe mismo via a tweet. Let’s not abuse the term just because it doesn’t apply for you.

    • Avatar for Tang A Tang A says:

      Isa ka sa mga di pinalad padalhan ng SMS message for HACKS70. HAHAHA

    • Avatar for Henry Henry says:

      May mga tao talaga na hindi marunong magbasa. Sinabi na nga dito sa article na selected customers only, sinabi na rin sa reply sayo na selected customers only. So ano na, magbasa kasi.

    • Avatar for Damn best Damn best says:

      Intindihin po natin Ang mga taong umaasa SA free data

    • Avatar for Wooow Wooow says:

      This is legit. If you want proof, you can ask me.

    • Avatar for Hsksihf Hsksihf says:

      Well legit sya gamit ko until now. HACKSCOMBO50 nga lang akin 1gb data 7Gb gowatch n play for 3days. Unlicalls amd unlitexts nadin

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