Globe introduces the Globe Tech Squad customer service team

A few month’s back Globe announced, alongside their Globe at Home app, a special team focused on providing customers with on-site visit and support dubbed the Globe Tech Squad. Today, the telco is officially introducing the Globe Tech Squad to the public and that their services can now be availed.

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Customers must first pay a one-time fee of Php 1,200 to avail of the Globe Tech Squad’s services which include home diagnosis for potential signal interference, router placement recommendations, resolving connectivity issues and connection of existing devices (TV, security cameras, printers, laptops, etc.) to your Globe at Home WiFi. Do take note that all of these services will be conducted on-site, meaning the team will go directly to customers houses to provide support.

Apart from on-site support the Globe Tech Squad also offers Airties Wi-Fi Mesh, a WiFi coverage extender. It does come at a cost though as customers who wish to have Airties installed in their homes would need to pay either an upfront fee of Php 3,600 or have that cost charged on top of their Globe at Home bill for Php150/month for 24 months. Should they avail the Airties, the Globe Tech Squad will assess and install the right number of extenders needed to cover the major parts of the customers home.

For more information about the Globe Tech Squad, you can call the Globe hotline at 730-1000.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar for jukashi jukashi says:

    Bogok!, eh kung gnawa nyo dagdgan ung data allocation sa LTE instead 150GB gwin nyong 500GB d ako mag ddalawang isip mag bayad. .. Globobo

  2. Avatar for gs gs says:

    tangina gamit ka lang wifi extender. tae

  3. Avatar for Daniël Jan Beentjes Daniël Jan Beentjes says:

    Hahah what a joke “globe take ur money and don’t care squad” I have been in contact about several issues with Globe for months they seriously have the worst customer service ever, seems like all low paid students that give the same standard answer every time worst Telecom company I ever seen across the world I travel a lot and lived in a lot of places, but ur country is seriously on bad shape with customer service etc don’t even get me going about speed etc that is 3rld world drama anyway. Heard maybe China Telecom is coming that can be hopefully improve. Globe smart sun pldt all is a joke and have Monopoly and only after money.

  4. Avatar for el gato el gato says:

    Why the heck would I pay globe geeksquad wannabes for customer support when they should have provided the support free of charge in the first place?

    Halot lahat ng problema ko sa globe, Sabi ngc customer support sa Ayala mall: tawag ka ng 211.

  5. Avatar for Anon Anon says:

    laking kalokohan naman nyan, para lang masabing me steps sila ginagawa for quality ekek, puro “restart router”, “technical issues”, “repair” ” at “updating po kami ng software” ang sasabihin sa mga customer, ang difference lang me bayad na ngayon haha, pinagkakitaan pa nila incompetence nila, very good!

  6. Avatar for paasananaman paasananaman says:

    show them ur moneyyyyyyyyy. reality, weeks pa bago dumating sa bahay nyo yung technician daw na subcontracted lang rin.

  7. Avatar for Jude Jude says:

    Money making ideas from Globe. But if you do have a big house like the Malacanang, wi-fi connections may not be available to some part of your house. That’s the time you can get this kind of services. Anyway, if you have a big house like that, for you 3,600 is just like a loose change lying around in your palace-like home. hehehe…

  8. Avatar for K L K L says:

    waw… eh kung included na to sa lahat ng plans with no additional charges mas Ok pa, pero mas OK globe kesa sa outsourcing ng PLDT PAK U MVP!

  9. Avatar for GlobeHate GlobeHate says:

    Same sh*t different packaging. Is 1200 before the service? or after. Because I will not pay for a service that just tells me to “restart the router”, “low lang talaga ang signal dito sa inyo”. F*ck Globe!

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