Google intros Entertainment Space for Android tablets

Google intros Entertainment Space for Android tablets

Google has introduced the new Entertainment Space feature for Android tablet users. This would allow users to access YouTube videos, movies, TV shows, games, and books in an all-encompassing hub.

With this new feature, users will save time from scrolling through different applications when they cannot decide between reading, watching, and playing as Entertainment Space will direct them to content tailored to their preferences found in a single place. Besides, users will also be able to customize their own profiles.

In the Watch tab, users will be able to navigate between streaming services such as YouTube, Google TV, Twitch, Hulu, and more. Just like always, different movies and TV shows found on these platforms will be available for audiences to watch, rent, or buy. Entertainment Space will also bring up your personalized and trending recommendation rows for easy access to new content. And with the Continue Watching row, users will be able to return to previously unfinished streaming content.

On the other hand, in the Games tab, users will be able to choose and play from Google Play Games’ huge selection of mobile games. Other than receiving new game recommendations, users will also have easy access to their favorite games with the Continue Playing row. Plus, they can able to instantly play select games without having to download them.


Lastly, in the Read tab, users will be able to find a wide variety of ebooks and audiobooks from Google Play Books. You can also view sneak peeks, discounted prices, and book recommendations based on trends and your preferences.

Google revealed that the Entertainment Space will be available on Walmart onn. tablets starting this May. Moreover, the company also mentioned that it would be accessible to other Android tablet users of Lenovo, Sharp, and more.

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Source: Google

This article was written by Julia Fernando.

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