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Google now allows you to send emails as attachments

Gmail is now allowing users to send emails as attachments without downloading them first.

Google has listened to its users and added this new feature since it’s more efficient than forwarding separate emails. Attached emails will have a .eml file extension, and users can attach as many emails they like. Opening up a .eml file will open a new window on your browser. To insert other emails into the email your composing, you could either:

  • Tick the email box, then drag and drop into your composition or,
  • Tick the email box, then click the three-dot menu (or right-click) and select the “Forward as attachment” option.

If you’re replying to an already existing conversation, you may click on the “Pop out reply” option found on the upper right corner of the reply box.

To check if the feature is available for you, check if the “Forward as attachment” option is in the three-dot menu. If you want to learn more, check out Google’s official blog post on forwarding emails here.

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