Grab will now hide passenger destination from drivers

Grab will now hide passenger destination from drivers

Seems like passenger pleas were heard as Grab will now be implementing an update that will hide passenger destination from their drivers. Much like how Uber operated when they were still providing service. The root of this change comes from the anger of passengers that have received numerous booking cancellations over the past few weeks. Some drivers even going to extreme means just to provide a reason for cancellation.

Grab country head Brian Cu announced the new feature today. The update to the app will roll out on April 27, from then on out Grab drivers will no longer be able to see passenger destinations prior to booking acceptance. It will, however, initially roll out to just 25% of the drivers with the lowest acceptance rates. Apart from that, Grab will also be implementing an auto-accept feature for bookings.


“We want to vastly improve our services; hence, our consecutive decisions to sanction 500 errant drivers over the week, and now the non-showing of the passenger destination and the auto-accept feature,” Cu said.

Although, during the early hours of the morning the said feature will be disabled for “protection” purposes. Cu also said that the main reason for booking difficulties is that Grab lack cars to answer the passenger demand. They’ve also asked assistance from Transportation Undersecretary Tim Orbos and Assistant Secretary Mark de Leon in the implementation of the said feature.


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