HTC One Private Preview, Price and Release Date

HTC One Private Preview, Price and Release Date

In a private preview to a select number of HTC fans and members of the media, HTC Philippines showcased the features of the HTC One and announced some key details. Though this was not really a product launch, we were still able to squeeze some information.

htc one philippines

Regional reps from HTC SEA shared that the delay in the launch of the HTC One is due to low supply of the ultrapixel component. As such, even the US release was pushed back and the Philippine launch that was scheduled back in March has been moved to 3rd week of May.


We’re also getting a hint that the units might not be enough to satisfy the demand of the handsets so they are doing some sort of a pre-order around 3rd week of May. HTC will be posting updates on their Facebook page once the pre-order forms are out.

htc one review philippines

As for the suggested retail price, the HTC One will sell for Php32,990.

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52 Responses

  1. dj0502 says:

    release date is a fail. S4 would have an advantage. Sayang excellent phone pa naman, I would really want HTC to be successful with HTC One.

  2. wtf htc says:

    Htc one doa. Its competition the more popular s4 is releasing a month earlier, it is also less expensive. HTC is going to be in bad shape again this year.

  3. ernest says:

    S4 has the backings of the major telcos here in PH. Mas mura pa…

    It’s like HTC is not even trying to stay relevant. pfft…

    It’s S4 for me. I don’t want to carry a phone that other Pinoys considers another china phone (HTC).

    • zaffron says:

      Duh! HTC as china phone? hahaha. Dude. Nagkalat sa divisoria, baclaran, online at kung saan saan pa ang immitations ng samsung. It won’t be long at magkakaron na rin ng S4 replica. Nakakatawa statement mo ah.. Aluminum unibody mukang china phone? Lol. Tell that to the ever “plasticky” Samsung. :p

    • raffi says:

      actually mas mukhang china phone ang designs ng samsung mo kesa sa htc.

    • mj says:

      uhmm, its in Taiwan not china, at tsaka halos lahat ng iPhones sa China ginagawa no

    • jan says:

      Taiwan is not a sovereign country. It is governed by the People’s Republic of China.

    • moto fanboy says:

      Patawa ka naman sir. punta ka sa mga tiangge andami clone ng samsung mo. mas cheap looking pa nga samsung kesa sa mga small players like lenovo huawei phones eh.

  4. raffi says:

    mas mukha pa ngang china phone yung itsura ng s4 para sakin eh. at tingin ko kaya mas mura yung s4 kasi it’s unibody made of plastic, unlike htc one na made of aluminum at mas premium ang feel.

  5. misterbogus says:

    aanhin mo ang aluminum na premium feel kung babalutan mo din naman ng case?!

    dami dito puro porma ang ibinibida sa phone nila, pustahan, isa sa mga una nyong bibilhin na accessory e either screen protector or cellphone case.. hahahaha

    • patawakaba? says:

      LOL.. as if hindi yan ginagawa ng mga fanatics ng Samsung phones. plastic na nga at pinagmamalaki nilang dekalidad, eh binibilhan pa ng accessories tulad ng binanggit mo..

  6. epic FAIL says:

    Epic Fail ang HTC. nakipag sabayan pa ni sammy.

  7. dandan says:

    May case man o wala boring pa rin yung look ng S4 eh, imo.

  8. John Paul Oropesa says:

    Hey sir Abe! Congrats on the 8x Lime Green! Arghhh! Hahaha.

    Hey guys, before you start posting those things might as well check the two units first. HTC One feels so great in hand. UI is so freakingly cool and smooth. This isnt an epic fail for HTC. There arent any just bloatwares unlike the other smartphones. Cool and awesome photo editing tools. HTC Zoe rocked the night! And its so thin! I’d definitely choose this One.

    So if you’re having doubts, wait for it. Totally worth waiting for guys. We’ll be taking this to a whole new level.

  9. Optimus G2 says:

    apple and LG for the best design phone.

  10. covj says:

    The 32GB unlocked version is now available in the USA for 575usd. Is the LTE band the same with standard used here?

  11. dan_md says:

    I’m all for the HTC’s premium design and immaculate display except for two important issues:
    1) ultra-pixel camera (4MP): no matter how HTC markets it, camera pundits will always agree that less pixels means less details especially in my line of work where post-processing and cropping is the name of the game when capturing intra-operative surgical photos where we have to see nerves, vessels, other anatomic structures.
    2) poor repairability: To achieve a very slim footprint, the parts are glued, battery is welded/sandwiched into the motherboard. Unless you tend to get a new phone every year, this might not be an issue.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Less latitute for cropping…no matter how you look at it, 4megapixels doesn’t cut it, and judging from the web samples. The ULTRAPIXEL is nothing special….smudgy ang look sa lowlight tsaka walang dynamic range sa outdoors

      Cons outweigh the pros…

    • dj says:

      Good points doc. Well articulated. I agree.

    • aze says:

      i rarely use the 8mp cam of my old htc smart phone. so 4mp(ultrapixel) is not a dealbreaker.

    • patawakaba? says:

      wala ka ba pambili ng DSLR or any professional camera para gamitin mo ang phone at gawin mong basis para sa line of business na sinasabi mo? that is just stupid! patawa ka ba?

    • eson says:

      Nokia Lumia 920 should be your pick if your basing it on the camera. Same goes with repairability and Nokia has very good after sales support.

  12. abuzalzal says:

    sa presyong yan parang ayaw nilang bumenta
    Nakipag sabayan pa sa S4…pag kulang ang kompanya mo sa advertising money at ganito ka pa mag presyo….alam mo na mangyayari

  13. As much as I’d hate to admit it, specs don’t really matter to me (the same goes with looks), and going for a phone that just works (or at least can SSH to my server) already merits operability.

    There’s always a trade-off when you choose between HTC and Samsung, and its apparent here that HTC was more bent on delivering aesthetics and build quality over power.

    I think the reason why name HTC doesn’t get a lot of mindshare is because the brand “Samsung” has already been stuck on people’s heads for the past few decades, thus giving them a competitive edge over other phone makers.

    Also, HTC has been known to price its phones a tad higher than Samsung and not offering underpowered Android devices at lower price points.

    Knowing how Filipinos are notorious penny pinchers, I wouldn’t be surprised if this phone doesn’t take off as expected.

  14. jers says:

    Eto pa naman pinagpipilian ko at XPERIA Z pero antagal … sigh*

  15. uoa says:

    S4 na lang pipiliin ko. Aanhin ko ang bakal kung mabagsak man eh kupi agad. tsk. tapos ang mahal pa niyan. tapos hindi naman worth it ung 33k mo. sayangs….

  16. uu says:

    why choose this htc one over s4 wherein
    s4 has rep batt and expndble memory
    s4 uses the latest gorilla glass3
    s4 uses more durable material-polycarbonate,, aluminum is prone to dents and srtches and the build quality is poor just look at d drop test with ip5 :)
    s4 camera is now praised
    s4 has the latest ddr3 Ram vs ddr2 of htc one
    s4 has lots of features
    s4 front panel is so beautiful with lesser bezels unlike htc one that has so fat bezels esp top and bottom, the screen looks tiny bcoz of thos all around bezels
    s4 is cheaper, and consder that 33k of htc one is for 16 or 32 gb only
    samsung is known for fast updates for its flagship phones :) also expect wonderful things of note3 will also b handled by s4 :)
    gs4 is also d benchmark king for now

    • uu says:

      and another thing but subjct to own preference, superAmoled offers the most vibrant display that u will enjoy the display even more,, it also has new screen modes that will render natural colors :D

    • tugs says:

      I;m a power user

      – I’ve never found the need to replace my batt. Never bought an extra one either.

      – I bought an extra memcard before pero nawala ko lang kasi di ko ginagamit.

      – I like the construction, feel, and look of the HTC One. I think it’s tough enough w/ a Gorilla 2. So kung matibay naman na tapos maganda pa yung pagkagawa and looks, di ko na kailangan ng Gorilla 3.

      – I had the One S (metal body) and it didn’t get any scratches or dents from normal use. Coins, car key in the pocket, etc.

      – DD2 vs DD3. i don’t think it really matters. no one has complained about this. maybe it does to you, but nobody else seems to care and the One hasn’t shown any issues to deem it inferior to the S4 based on this spec.

      – The One performs better in low light and colors look practical in daylight. I don’t need the bigger megapixel count if panget naman yung pic or halos di ko makita sa gabi yung subject.
      Lalapitan ko nalang yung subject ko bago kumuha ng pic para di ako kailangan mag-zoom masyado. Which is what’s advised in mobile photography anyway.

      – In my eyes, mas maganda harapan ng One. Matter of taste.

    • HTC says:

      HTC fails in OS upgrades.

  17. thecorrescode says:

    Bakit parang Blackberry yung HTC One?

  18. iAmMrHands says:

    Not buying another HTC Phone unless they provide better warranty/repair service. I seriously had a really really bad experience last time.

  19. Jay says:

    I want and will get this phone. I wouldn’t use a case if a phone is this beautiful. It’s true that HTC prices their phones higher than the rest. HTC is no Apple though so good luck with that pricing.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Buying a super expensive phone without putting on at least a rubber bumper is just plain foolish…

      With just one simple drop from the waist…it could spell the end …. earpice grill neto napaka brittle, mabilisa dislocate

  20. iAmMrHands says:

    I’ve always been wondering why prices are always steeper in the Philippines. :|

    • mang kanor says:

      pinakamababa pa ang sahod..

      bagger sa grocery kayang bumuli ng iphone. sa america.. dito.. nganga..

  21. Betty says:

    Last year I fell in love with the One X but I ended up buying the s3 after reading so many tech reviews. Regretted it and switched to the One X because it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t have the phone that I really wanted.

    This year I’ll be getting the One. Not because of what people say about it, its because its the phone that I want.

    I suggest you do the same people, get the phone that you want and stop bitching against the other choice that you didn’t make. Or can’t make, if you’re that unfortunate.

    • zarne says:

      I Could not have said it better than Betty. When buying any consumer good, do not trust these bloggers. Read consumer reviews instead eg. amazon, ebay, etc. Some of Tech. Reviewers are also biased so I don’t always trust what they are writing.

      An interesting news, Samsung is in HOT water in Taiwan and is under investigation for allegation of unlawful business conduct. Some people claimed that Samsung hired students to post negative comments in the internet-bashing HTC and then promoting Samsung. It was said that Samsung issued an apology published in their Facebook. Check this out:

      In a lighter note, HTC One, Samsung S4, and Blackberry Q10 are going for a showdown in the UK and Canada next week. Looks like the underdog, Q10 is making a comeback.(sold 2,000 units in london in 90 minutes!! today)

  22. Yusuf says:

    Sorry HTC. The Galaxy S 4 gets the android authority title for 2013 once again. Samsung never fails to give its flagship phones power.

    • kimchi is crap says:

      And you get a kilo of crappy kimchi…shit of the earth!

    • driod says:

      Meanwhile, highly respected critics from Engadget, the New York Times, etc. think the One is better than the S4.

      What is Android Authority anyway?

  23. Jeddah says:

    33k na phone, pero in two years sawa ka na sa kanya lol!

  24. LG TV says:

    Top 5 Five Smartphone Vendors, Shipments, and Market Share, 2013 Q1
    (Units & %)

    70.7million (32.7%)
    37.4 million (17.3 %)
    10.3 million ( 4.8%)
    9.9 million( 4.6 %)
    9.1 million( 4.2%)

    Others 78.8 million (36.4%)
    Total 216.2 million 100.0 %

    Source: IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker, April 25, 2013

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