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Huawei to release PC products in the Philippines

Huawei President, Marketing and Sales Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group, Jim Xu, confirmed to Revu.com.ph during an interview that the company will release their PC products in the Philippines.

The brand is no stranger to the PC market, they’ve already established the position of their MateBook line of laptops. Especially, the MateBook X Pro, which is considered and regarded as a strong alternative to the MacBook Pro.


Sadly, these devices have been scarce and rare in the Philippines as most sources are either grey market or imported from outside. That’ll soon change though as it looks like they’re ready to introduce their PCs to the Philippine market.

Xu didn’t mention which products will specifically arrive but said that they will bring even the most expensive models to the Philippine market. This can include the MateBook X Pro, MateBook X, MateBook D, MateBook E, and MateBook B200. Pricing details are yet to be revealed but we can expect these laptops to arrive as early as July.

Zen Estacio is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. He is the team's laptop guru and one of their resident gamers. He has a monthly column compiling the latest and greatest the Nintendo Switch has to offer. Aside from that, he regularly writes gaming news, reviews, and impressions. You can hit him up at @papanZEN

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3 Responses

  1. JL says:

    Hi. Had they officially released the Matebook? Been looking everywhere pero it seems they haven’t arrived here sa PH.

  2. Bri says:

    Still waiting……….. Come on Huawei my money is ready.

  3. Kent says:

    When will they sell in Philippines? I can’t wait to buy this Matebook

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