Irreverent Labs raise USD 40M for NFT Sabong

Since the end of e-sabong came to an end a few days back, a new NFT Cockfighting Game (or what we call NFT Sabong) has come to rise with funding of USD 40  million for MechaFightClub.

NFT Sabong

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series


Led by Rahul Sood, the first play-to-earn game, “MechaFightClub” looks at non-fungible token (NFT) owners battle for glory and profit through cockfighting chickens.

According to a podcast from ‘Around the Coin’, Rahul Sood says, “It’s basically a fighting game based in the future where every character in the game is an  artificially intelligent non-player character living on the blockchain as an NFT.”

It also has breeding mechanics which may be familiar to many as it is similar to the more popular Axie Infinity. The goal set by Sood and the team is to create an emotional attachment between the characters and the chickens much like how Tamagotchi used to be.

Let us know your thoughts on this NFT Sabong

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