LTFRB announces a new car service called Premium Taxi

LTFRB announces a new car service called Premium Taxi

The dance between Land Transportation Franchising & Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and Uber has been around for quite a while now with LTFRB wanting to shut down the car service company due to lack of proper accreditation, among other things. Fast forward to just recently, LTFRB announced that it will hold a consultation of sorts regarding new franchises for a car service called Premium Taxi. Could the two instances be just a coincidence?


Late last month, LTFRB on its page posted an invitation for interested parties for a “public consultation” that will talk about the issuance of new franchises for Premium Taxi. Premium Taxi, according to them, is a car service that requires a  “four- or five-door automobile, sedan type, with engine displacement of 2000cc or higher (or its equivalent, if electric-, hybrid-, or alternate fuel-Powered vehicle)” that comes with the following operating conditions as per DOTC:

1. The operator must have at least twenty (20) premium taxi units in his/her fleet;
2. All vehicles must be brand-new at the time of franchise application;
3. All vehicles must be in color set by the LTFRB (Note: It is proposed that the color will be black);
4. All vehicles shall have a maximum age of 7 years;
5. All vehicles must be equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking and navigation device;
6. All vehicles must be equipped with an on-board electric taxi fare payment device capable of processing payments made with credit card or debit card;
7. The operator must have a facility for booking and dispatching by way of an online or smartphone-based application; and
8. The operator must have his/her own workshop and depot with a space of at least 15 sq.m. per vehicle.


Interested parties are cordially invited to a public consultation on Friday, July 24, 10:00 at 4th Floor, LTFRB Bldg.,…

Posted by LTFRB Citizen Enforcer on Monday, July 20, 2015

With these happenings, netizens can’t help but think that the reason why Uber (and even GrabCar) have been under fire and are being kept under the radar of LTFRB and DOTC was because of this pending project that they were planning from beginning.

For more information on the Premium Taxi, you may view the draft of the Memorandum Circular from LTFRB’s page.

What’s your take on this subject? The comments section awaits.

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57 Responses

  1. jenz1 says:

    This is one of the reasons why I have trust issues regarding the government.

  2. X says:

    Di ba pwede magregister din ang uber grabcar etc dun sa gagawin ng LTFRB na Premium Taxi franchise?

    • archie says:

      Ayaw nila sa uber dahil maliit lang kikitain nila pag ginawa nilang legal ang apps taxi system. Talagang corruption lang ang pumipigil sa pag unlad ng bansa. Kahit sa tax tayo lang ang asian country na may pinakamataas na rate.

    • X says:

      What I mean is di ba pwede din mag register ang Uber etc as Premium Taxi operator ?

    • gov'tsucks says:

      @X 2.0 engine? must have 20 BNEW units? Most Uber operators only uses 1.6 at the most and has 1 or 2 units, these are people trying to earn some money as extra income using they’re own car

  3. archie says:

    Eh di ganun din. Franchise taxi na lang din ang kukunin ko dahil red tape pa rin ang lalabas. May premium pa silang nalalaman gusto lang talaga nila na meron silang pera sa bawat galaw ng pilipino at business process. Di na lang makuntento sa tax system na 30% na hanggang ngayon ay hindi maibaba ang rate ng senado. LTRFB Chairman style nyo bulok.

  4. FakeTaxiFan says:

    How about fake taxi? XD

  5. Is this correct? So far the press statements I’ve seen say there is a new category of public utility vehicle for uber-like vehicles and uber-like vehicles are not banned as long as the company, the driver and the vehicle are registered and comply with basic common sense regulations. So the only vehicles being impounded or will be impounded are those who are unregistered. Doesnt seem like uber is being “stopped”

  6. If the LTFRB wants to make a premium taxi service then its ok if it competes alongside with registered uber. More competition is good

  7. foobarph says:

    LTFRB… ikaw na :)

  8. Dee says:

    Ano nangyari sa usapan na iyon??

    • Erek says:

      How will they implement this?
      They cannot even control smoke belching cars, taxis, buses, jeepneys etc.
      They cannot release licenses, license plates and registration on time.
      In short, they cannot even perform their basic duties and insist on ufcking up the system even more.


  9. it’s not about the car or vehicle and/or the operator BUT the QUALITY and INTEGRITY of the SERVICE of the operator or government and the HONESTY, Professional with good communication of the DRIVER. Instead supporting the private car service company, sisirain at tatapatan pa ng sistemang bulok. DOTC, what have you been doing to MRT system, as commuters, private citizen and tax payers, hindi ako satisfy sa serbisyo nyo. Most of you inside the DOTC office are not professional, kanya-kanya system at pataasan pa ng ego.

  10. seancissor says:

    Why not try to fix the many other issues presented to you first before you mess the good services being provided by Uber – safety and convenience.

    If you can’t be a part of the solution, do not become a part of the problem.

  11. ALCOHTAE says:

    Umaalingasaw sa Baho talaga ang LTFRB AT LTO na ito…mga bobo silang lahat…alam naman nilang halatang ka walang hiyaan ang ginagawa nila sa usaping ito…tuloy parin sila na akala mo ay ayos lang ang lahat…mga hayop talaga ang mga ito…gusto lang talagang mag kapera dahil kurakotan sa systema!!! Ang kakapal ng mukha ng mga taong ito….hooy kayo mga animal kayo….halatang masyado na gusto nyong magkapera mga ANIMAL!!!!

  12. Gundry says:



  14. Bruno says:

    It’s not as sinister as it looks, and people should keep an open mind about the issue. The ‘Premium Taxi’ is a totally different category, created at the same time the new transport category called TVNS was. To be clear, Uber and GrabCar are under the TVNS category, the most basic difference from the ‘Premium Taxi’ being that the TVNS cannot take street hails. Under the memorandum back in May that created both the TVNS and the ‘Premium Taxi’, LTFRB required that the TNCs (what the companies are called under the TVNS category) comply with some regulatory requirements. At this point in time, a good three months after, only GrabCar has applied for accreditation.

    To make a long story short, Uber can still operate the way it does, as long as it meets the LTFRB requirements for accreditation ( as a TVNS. TVNS does not have the 2.0 liter requirement, or the 20 unit minimum, etc. At the same time, existing taxi companies who complain about ‘unfair competition’ from Uber or GrabCar can apply for the ‘Premium Taxi’ franchise, which would mean, these taxis we all complain about as being old, “bubulok-bulok”, unreliable, etc. have a chance to improve their service. They have to have newer cars, GPS tracking, online/app hailing capability and credit/debit card payment options. This way, Uber and GrabCar get to exist, traditional taxis get the chance to improve, and the Filipino people get the chance to choose which is better. Isn’t that a positive thing?

    I am an Uber fan, and love using the ride-sharing app. But as far as this issue is concerned, I would say I’m leaning more towards the side of LTFRB.

  15. baka nman may mga mayamang negosyante na nagdidikta dito?? parang naka-pattern kasi sa premium mabuhay taxi yung gusto nila. tapos “All vehicles must be brand-new at the time of franchise application”, bagsak na lahat ng uber at grabtaxi owners. LOL!

  16. Ang daming NEGA. HIndi ba pwedeng government-regulated ang mga public services? Masama ba iyon? Uber lang naman ang may issue, GrabCar, available naman. E kung magkapag-submit ang Uber ng complete requirements na ginawa ng GrabCar, e di ok na, di ba?

  17. Migoi says:

    An epic fail for LTFRB! This just backed fire on them in an attempt of making Pinoys look like plain stupid. Sa nilabas na memo na yan ng LTFRB, mas sila ang nagmukhang tanga. Memo and public hearing pa more!

  18. Margarita Lopez says:

    kapal talaga ng ltfrb.. 20 premium can a common pinoy afford this system..

  19. concern citizen says:

    wala ka talaga maasahan sa gobyernong kurakot at punong puno ng kasamaan. ang mga driver na umaasa sa uber ang aalisan nyo ng trabaho. buwakaw na mga opisyales yan walang ginawagng matino. balik nyo nalang mga tax namin sayang lang pang pasahod sa inyo.

  20. cindy says:

    Under the above mentioned policies, kelangan mo munang bumili ng mga kotse na gagamiting premium taxi bago ka mabigyan ng Franchise. Paano kung pagkabili mo ay hindi ka aprubahan? Parang may mga kumpanya na silang gustong bigyan ng Franchise

  21. pines says:

    LTFRB, or whoever the *&$# you are, you are one of theses roaches and leeches sucking up hard earned money from citizens who want to earn more in a decent way. philippines is in deep shit because of agencies like you

  22. UberGrabberUser says:

    Pinapatay ng gobyerno ang maliliit na negosyo ng ordinaryong Pilipino.

  23. uber4everrider says:

    Sa UBER they have good service to the rider.. baka sa Premium Taxi i control na naman ng mga driver ang pgkuha ng passenger.. baka style taxi na nman.. haiisst.. Hindi talaga priority ang service Dito sa Pinas.. KEEP UBER, LET THE RIDERS DECIDE WHAT TRANSPORT THEY WANT… Konting concern naman po sa aming mga taxpayer ng bansa.. lets help each other.. wag nyo na pakialaman ang UBER, Eto na lng matino transport dto sa Pinas.

  24. spaz123 says:

    The reason is simple and quite obvious. The head LTFRB officials own taxi (and bus) franchises, and the new stream of business disruptors such as uber, has left these taxi franchises (owned by the LTFRB officials) losing heavy profits. There is no reason to shut down uber since it is clear to citizens that uber drivers are SAFER than taxi. Why hasn’t the LTFRB acted towards crime which involved taxis? to keep their costs down/profits up, and tip off their media “buddies” to keep these under wraps. LTFRB, like all other government departments in the Philippines, are corrupt. In conclusion, uber is under fire because someone’s wallet is under fire.

  25. Rissa says:

    I am a huge fan of Grab and Uber I use both but I am on the side of LTFRB. grab and Uber have the riding public’s lives in their hands so they should be regulated. Anyway I dont understand why Uber cannot follow LtFRB’s rules when Grab already complied? Its not like registration is hard or impossible

    • chekwa says:

      Dumbass! Shit for brains…u must collect kickbacks from LTFRB…its the principle you idiot! U don’t restrict one endeavor & then come up with a competiting idea.

    • UberPartner says:

      What specific LTFRB rules are you talking about that Uber cannot follow and Grab complied? SMH dumbass!

    • Cruze75 says:

      Uber and Grab operators have submitted the required documents since early 2016… kompleto mga documents para makakuha ng CIC (what the LTFRB are saying that Taxi’s, Bus and Jeepney has… although HIGHLY DOUBTFUL that Jeepney have insurance)… going back, many of them have PAs that is about to expire because the LTFRB has not acted upon the application for CPC… for a freaking year! And now this one… so OBVIOUSLY there are powerful people who are behind moves to kill off Uber and Grab and take this so called Premium Taxi. Imagine yung cost of operating such based on the requirements… someone in the LTFRB and the DOTr is going to make a lot of money.

  26. c says:

    parang lalong kawawa ang mga taxi nito

  27. Ana Apolonio says:

    I agree that this type of transport service should be regulated for the protection of the public, but LTFRB should research, survey the riding public’s opinion and make public consultations (which should be announced in major media groups) before making the rules and regulations on their operation. In the meantime that there’s no regulation on the service yet, allow them to operate to help the riding public.

  28. tj says:

    Just my 2 cents :P

    On the Draft DO# 2015-011

    I read it and I have some questions:

    1. Why “Premium” Taxi? Is there a bigger demand for this particular type of transportation?
    2. Why does it need to be a 2000cc vehicle?
    3. Why is 20 the minimum per fleet?
    4. How did the LTFRB arrive at the proposed total number of 5,580 authorized premium taxi units? How do they intend to achieve that number? Is that enough? Too much?
    5. How will they make sure that these Premium Taxis stay in good condition?
    6. How do they intend to protect both the passenger & the driver?
    7. Is there a feedback mechanism in this new app? What about those who hail the Premium Taxi? How will they give feedback?
    8. Who is doing (and spending for) the tech? Do you have a beta version of the app so we can also provide feedback?

    On Uber’s accreditation

    Uber should get proper accreditation, no doubt about it. LTFRB has the right to remind Uber, too. They should both be proactive – Uber learning the accreditation & franchising process, cascading this info to their community of drivers, etc. and LTFRB providing Uber all the information they need, publishing it in ALL forms of media (repeatedly sana hindi lang once, twice or thrice) to make the most number of people aware. If the commuters are the primary concern, finding a middle ground should’ve been a priority. I think madami pang pwedeng gawin para maka-iwas sa gulo.

    On LTFRB’s Premium Taxi

    If they are able to prove that there is a need for this type of service and they have the capacity to make it happen, I don’t see why this should be a problem. Competition leads to innovation & ultimately, better products & services. But they must prove that their plan is feasible and that it does more good than harm.

    I think some Uber & Grabcar users are reacting negatively, and understandably so, because they’re already frustrated with the LTFRB for all their shortcomings (and ang dami ha). Then they heard about the clampdown on unregistered Uber & GrabCar vehicles starting Aug. 21. So now, these people who have been relying on these 2 companies will have to ride the MRT, buses, etc. And it’s not exactly a good experience. Days after the news of the clampdown, they upload pa a draft of DO # 2015-011 on their website. PR & timing-wise, medyo off.

    Then came their Facebook post in response to someone else’s FB post:

    “Pursuant to the DO, LTFRB held on July 24, 2015 a consultation among PUV operators, primarily taxi operators, regarding its draft Memorandum Circular to implement the roll out of Premium Taxi. The Notice of Public Consultation and the operating conditions for a Premium Taxi was published in major newspaper of general circulation, posted in LTFRB website and LTFRB Citizen Enforcer account in Facebook.”

    What happened during the public consultation last July 24, 2015 regarding the issuance of new franchises for premium taxis? Who attended? What was discussed? And what are the results of this public consultation? Pa-minutes naman kayo, please.

    “While we open franchising the Uber, GrabCar and the like, we are giving taxi operators the same opportunity for them to have new franchises albeit with high quality taxi units and improved operation.”

    Improved operations? How?

    “The target clientele of Premium Taxi are domestic and international tourists, professionals, millennials, and the like.”

    Ah so you mean, majority nung galit sa inyo? Pano na yan?

  29. Kannuchi says:

    Tama lang na gawin ng LTFRB na magkaroon ng premium taxi to promote safety. Kaso panget lang timing nila nung chinachallenge nila ang Uber, whilst Uber is being enjoyed by many right now due to safety and convenience. Nagmukha tuloy silang (LTFRB) mananamantala. =))

  30. shinpachi says:

    they don’t have a plan..

  31. Browse says:

    Hmmmm… LTFRB, somwthing’s isn’t right.

  32. Kobakskie says:

    $$$$ for LTFRB

  33. I hope LTFRB would also think of people empowerment with the case of GRAB and UBER.
    people applied for loans to get a vehicle that they can use to earn good, decent money
    and on the hope that LTFRB would be giving them a PUBLIC CONVEYANCE certificate
    that they need to operate.
    now the same office only wants big time operators to be in that business.

  34. altess says:

    Bakit kc d p bigyan ng prangkisa ang grab at uber kesa nman maglabas ng premium taxi

  35. Jake says:

    Katawa tawa

  36. Sarah says:


  37. Sam m says:

    The use the term regulated very loosely. How are jeepneys and taxis currently regulated? They pay and fee, get a permit, and that’s it? LTFRB’S definition of regulating things makes people feel uneasy hence the support for Uber /grab which coincidentally have their own methods of regulation and compensation should anything happen. LTFRB’s priority is to the public, not franchises or operators. They should be jumping at the chance to embrace and work alongside companies that provide new and safe solutions, not hinder it with the narrow minded crab mentality. Grow up LTRB and start following your mission statement. Our taxes pay your salaries. We’re getting tired of your bs

  38. Rey says:

    Tangina talaga dito sa pilipinas eh…. kaya yung mayayaman lang ang yumayan at yunv mahirap eh mahirap lang,… lahat ng bagay dapat monopolyado lang malalaking kumpanya yung kayang mag invest ng malaki. Kaya minsan masmasarap pang magkaroon ng civil war satin para malinis lang ang ganitong sistema ng bayan.

  39. Imelda says:

    At least 20 Units? So they plan to kill small and medium scale initiatives and the growing entrepreneurship which the country desperately needs? How is it done in other countries?

  40. Nes Jularbal says:

    Grab and Uber already have premium cars!!!!

  41. Bryan Lupango says:

    Fuck You LTFRB! You should all be ashamed of what you’re doing. Apologize and resign! This country doesn’t need you! Fuck you once again!

  42. Uber User says:

    support uber and grab mas maganda yan compare sa inidorse ngayon ng ltfrb na premium kurakz

  43. J says:


  44. jak says:

    Eh ganito din gusto nila mangyari sa mga jeepneys eh… Kailangan 20 units fleet management.

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