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LTO to require licenses for e-scooter and e-bike drivers

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will soon require e-scooter and e-bike drivers to get a permit and driver’s license as part of the e-scooter guidelines to be approved by the Department of Transportation (DoTr).

Under the pending guidelines, LTO will require drivers to register their e-scooter and e-bikes and get a driver’s license to ensure their knowledge about road safety. The office will also provide a  list of areas where the it can be used.

LTO chief Galvante also explained that this move is brought by the classification of the vehicle, which is set by its speed. Being lightweight in nature, the alternative transportation can pose dangers to users if not properly driven on the right roads.

“We classify based on the weight of the vehicle, speed and which roads e-scooters can use because we all know that because of the nature of these types of vehicles, specifically their being lightweight, it can pose dangers to users if not used properly and not driven on the right roads,” Galvante shared on a report from The Philippine Star.

According to LTO chief Edgar Galvante, an administrative order that consolidates guidelines for using e-scooters was already submitted to DoTr and is currently waiting for approval. DoTr also drafted a memorandum circular that will oversee the use of all electric-powered vehicles in the country.

Sources: ABS-CBN News, The Philippine Star

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar for paulo paulo says:

    ayusin nyo post nyo sa fb LTO will require yung nakalagay.. pero dito (will soon require) nagmukhang fake news tuloy pending palang naman diba?

  2. Avatar for alex alex says:

    getting a student license is a burden, then getting the prof and non prof adds another burden.. registering a non gasoline fed vehicle which is an alternative to heavy expenses like registration and license is a total chaos… lahat n lng nasisilioan ng LTO kung saan sila kikita.. just revert back to the old ways of getting license.. hirap ngyn dami babayaran.. pambili n lng ng pagkain araw araw madag dagan p ng pambayad sa mga accredited driving schools.. pasakit sa aming mga low income individuals.. ?

  3. Avatar for Nivra Nivra says:

    true and true

  4. Avatar for Ivor Ivor says:

    Ànother source of revenue bit you are not allowing us seniors into LTO to get a license which is BS. I am a professional driver from America and have no medical issues but due to my age you decline my license

  5. Avatar for Gervase Gervase says:

    Another venue of corruption?

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