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YouTube to apply age restriction on videos

YouTube has recently announced the implementation of age restriction on the videos being played on its platform.

According to YouTube, age-restricted videos will require users to log in their accounts before viewing it to prove that they are 18 or older.  Underage viewers who try to access the age-restricted videos will see a warning and will be redirected to find other age-appropriate content. This also applies to those who try to access age-restricted videos on third-party websites.

A new age-verification system will also be implemented in Europe. Some European users may be asked to provide additional proof of age when attempting to watch mature content. The system may request the user to provide a valid ID or credit card to verify their age.

YouTube’s Trust & Safety team may apply age-restriction on regular videos when, in the course of reviewing content, the team encounters a video that isn’t appropriate for minors. The company is currently working on using machine learning for detecting content and automatic application of age restrictions. Creators may appeal to the decision if they believe it was incorrectly applied.

Those who are under the YouTube Partner Program may use the age-restriction tool without affecting their revenue. Should they upload inappropriate videos for minors, they may get limited to no ads.

The video-sharing platform also provides age-restriction guidelines to content creators, as well as updated its policy pages.

YouTube’s age-restriction feature will roll out on mobile and browser over the next coming months.

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