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Microsoft Edge is named as the second most popular desktop browser

According to the Browser Market Share report posted by NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge replaces Mozilla Firefox as the second most popular desktop browser.

For March 2020, the market share statistics firm shows that Google Chrome stays at the top, garnering 68.5% of the overall market share. However, this is the first time that Mozilla’s Firefox was outnumbered by Microsoft’s Edge by 0.40%. Since December 2019, Microsoft Edge has been attracting traction of users increasing 1.52% from the past three months. This places Firefox in the third spot with 7.19% compared to Edge’s 7.59%.


A significant factor that contributes to Microsoft Edge’s growth is the release of its Chromium-based version, allowing users to make the most out of extensions available in the Chrome web store and fixing its compatibility and performance issues.

Completing the top ten famous web browsers for PCs and laptops as of March 2020 are Internet Explorer (5.60%), Apple’s Safari (3.62%), Tencent’s QQ (2.41%), Sogou Explorer (1.88%), Opera (1.14%), Yandex (1.01%), and UC Browser (0.42%).

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