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Microsoft rolls out redesigned Notepad for Windows 11

Microsoft has announced that the redesigned Notepad for Windows 11 begins to roll out to Windows Insiders.

The redesigned Notepad gets a wholly updated UI that aligns with the new visual design of Windows 11, including rounded corners, Mica, and more.

One of its new features is the dark mode. Microsoft noted that this had been a top community ask. By default, Notepad will adapt to the user’s system theme preferences, but they can change this option in the brand-new settings page, which is the new home for font options as well.

Moreover, they are also introducing a redesigned find and replace experience and are also adding support for multi-level undo.

“In the preview version we are releasing today, there are a number of known issues that we will be addressing in future updates. This includes issues affecting keyboard access keys usage for when switching between different input languages or while using Japanese IME, and under certain circumstances, you may notice unexpected behavior when using shift-click to select text or when scrolling. We are also continuing to improve performance for when opening very large files,” said Microsoft in a blog post.

You may share your feedback about your redesigned Notepad experience in Feedback Hub (under Apps > Notepad).

Source: Microsoft

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