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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo starts today

The Monster Hunter franchise is all over gaming platforms with MH World leading the pack. Recently, Capcom announced that they will release the demo for their upcoming MH game in Nintendo Switch, the Generations Ultimate.

Master all 6 Hunting Styles and all new Prowler abilities on August 16 with the free Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo!

Posted by Monster Hunter on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Monster Hunter Generations has been with us ever since it was released for the Nintendo 3DS platform. What makes the Generations Ultimate different is that it features two additional weapon hunting styles, new monsters, G-rank quests, and equipment sets. The upcoming game is basically the English translated counterpart of Monster Hunter XX which is exclusive in Japan.

Author’s note: Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate have a different game mechanic. Personally, the latter has a bigger learning curve due to the G-rank quests and hunting styles.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and the demo game should be out today as stated in their Facebook post.

Source: Monster Hunter Facebook page

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