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MOVE IT motorcycle-taxi ride hailing app gets a nice upgrade

MOVE IT, a motorcycle taxi provider that operates in the Philippines, has launched a new, upgraded version of its mobile app which offers a higher standard of safety, reliability and user experience for Filipino commuters.

Move It Fi

Thanks to the support of Grab’s cutting-edge technology, the new MOVE IT app has set a new benchmark for motorcycle taxi services, providing passengers with a seamless journey.

The app guarantees an impressive 99.95% uptime, ensuring a smooth booking experience even during peak hours. The upgraded app also includes new and enhanced features, such as an in-app VOIP calling feature, the Share-My-Ride feature, and a 24/7 Safety Center that provides emergency assistance around the clock.

Move It Ci

Additionally, MOVE IT has introduced cashless payment options, including debit and credit cards, and is actively working with leading mobile wallets to offer more convenient payment alternatives.

The new MOVE IT app is now available for download on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

MOVE IT currently covers the following cities:

• Paranaque
• Pasay
• Taguig
• Makati
• Pateros
• Pasig
• Mandaluyong
• Manila
• San Juan
• Southern Quezon City
• Marikina

Professionalizing habal-habal riders

MOVE IT says it’s dedicated to professionalizing the motorcycle taxi industry in the Philippines, addressing concerns over informal habal-habal services and recognizing the need for industry formalization.

The company has implemented comprehensive onboarding campaigns, rigorous road safety assessments, and ongoing training for rider-partners to ensure a safe and high-quality service.

MOVE IT also supports the financial stability of its rider-partners by offering low commission rates, insurance packages, and exclusive deals on essential rider equipment.

“We are firmly advocating to professionalize the motorcycle taxi industry, and that extends to the habal-habal riders as well. Our vision is to create a safe, professionalized, and empowering environment where all our rider-partners, including habal-habal riders, can thrive,” said Wayne Jacinto, General Manager of MOVE IT.

“Through our leading-edge technology and comprehensive training programs, we equip them with the tools and skills they need to provide exceptional service and earn a dignified living. We are committed to uplifting the entire sector, transforming habal-habal riders into respected professionals who contribute to a safer and more reliable transportation landscape,” he added.

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