Netflix Hiring Social Media Manager for Philippines

Netflix Hiring Social Media Manager for Philippines

Netflix is currently hiring a Social Media Manager for Philippines. The role of this position is a blend of strategy and creative, responsible for launching social media campaigns for the Netflix brand and original titles that the people sign up for.

The successful candidate will need to understand the Filipino market, the broad Netflix business goals, and local behavior.
He/She will have the curiosity for learning the Netflix business, quick analysis of high volumes of information, and making smart choices.

This position will also be working closely with the originals team in Hollywood to make their shows relevant to Filipino viewers.


The applicant should have a 7+ years experience with a combination of:

  • Consumer brand
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Agency work in marketing and communications.

Netflix is the world’s largest internet television network and has over 100 million members.

To learn more about the job opening, click here.


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  1. boodles says:

    Unfortunately, the position is only available to those people who are based in SG.

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