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Netflix now supports Spatial Audio on all devices

Netflix now supports Spatial Audio on all devices to deliver a better cinematic experience through more immersive sound. To accomplish this, Netflix has partnered with audio company, Sennheiser.

Netflix • Netflix 1 • Netflix Now Supports Spatial Audio On All Devices

Sennheiser has fine-tuned the experience of spatial audio on Netflix by utilizing its AMBEO 2-channel Spatial Audio Technology.

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They state that it would transform any stereo speaker or pair of headphones into an “enhanced spatial experience” without the need to purchase extra equipment such as surround sound speakers or home theater setups.

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Spatial audio is now available on all Netflix subscription plans and is compatible with all devices. Although, not all titles on Netflix support spatial audio.

Some notable titles that support spatial audio on Netflix include Stranger Things, Red Notice, and The Witcher. To search through Netflix’s catalog of shows and films that support spatial audio, you may type “spatial audio” in the search bar and select one that supports it.

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