Office of the President, Globe, launch 8888 Complaint Hotline

Office of the President, in partnership with Globe, launches a citizen’s complaint hotline where they can raise concerns and requests to the government.

Powered by Globe, the public may process the full details of their complaints, requests, and concerns through a text message on the Citizen’s Complaint Hotline.

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To send complaints, users may text C, their name (if they want to be named), the agency they want to complain to, and the complete details of their complaint. Example:  C/name (optional)/ agency they want to complain/details.

Citizens who want to ask for financial and household aid, housing employment, education, and claims, may use the following format below.

A/Name/Kind of aid they want to avail (financial, household, housing, employment, education, and claims)/ agency that they want to tap/ complete details regarding the aid they need.

To process the complaint and requests, their message should contain more than 200 characters and be sent to 8888. Any information that will be received will be used in the transaction and next contact with the 8888 Hotline following the Data Privacy Act and the Office of the President’s Data Privacy Policy.

Source: Globe

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