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Ookla Oct 2021: PH mobile internet at 18.21 Mbps, fixed broadband at 45.52 Mbps

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Ookla has just released its latest Speedtest Global Index for October 2021, showing that the Philippines’ average mobile internet download speed is at 18.21 Mbps, while the average fixed broadband download speed is at 45.52 Mbps based on median performance.

According to Ookla, rankings on the Speedtest Global Index are now based on median download speed to best reflect the speeds a user is likely to achieve in a market. Moreover, the mean performance can only be viewed until February 15, 2022. After February 15, 2022, only median data will be available.

The Philippines ranks 94th in mobile and 71st in fixed broadband based on the median performance. On the other hand, based on the mean performance, the country ranks 67th for both mobile and fixed broadband, achieving 38.12 Mbps in mobile and 71.08 Mbps in fixed broadband.

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Ookla also explained that the median is a measure that captures the typical user’s experience. In statistical terms, the median is less likely to be influenced by outliers than the mean is. The chart below shows how median and mean return very different values when considering a simple number set of ten values.

The change of the Speedtest Global Index from mean to median shakes up the global rankings quite a bit. Check out the graphic of the top 10 list below.

You may check out the full report for the Philippines here.

Source: Ookla

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