Converge, Globe, PLDT, SKY top Netflix ISP Index for Oct 2021

Netflix‘s October ISP Index indicates that Converge, Globe, PLDT, and SkyCable shared the number one spot as the top local ISPs (internet service providers) for its streaming service in the Philippines.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index measures prime-time Netflix performance on particular ISPs worldwide.

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In the previous report, Globe and SkyCable held the number one spot at 3.4 Mbps for the month of September. However, for its recent report, the four ISPs place number one with an equal speed of 3.4 Mbps.

On the other hand, Royal Cable is still at the bottom with 3.0 Mbps. It got an improvement in speed, though, from only achieving 2.6 Mbps in September.

If you want to check out the updated index, click here.

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