Philippine Election Results: May 2010 Elections

Philippine Election Results: May 2010 Elections

These are partial unofficial tally of 82.91% of Election results as provided by the PPCRV:

For President:


  1. Noynoy Aquino: 13,036,271
  2. Erap Estrada: 8,345,826
  3. Manny Villar: 4,680,580
  4. Gibo Teodoro: 3,470,136
  5. Bro. Eddie Villanueva: 976,192
  6. Dick Gordon: 446,203
  7. Vetallano Acosta: 154,773
  8. Nick Perlas: 46,143
  9. Jamby Madrigal: 39,849
  10. JC de los Reyes: 37,726

For Vice-President:

  1. Jojo Binay: 12,802,259
  2. Mar Roxas: 11,949,985
  3. Loren Legarda: 3,563,758
  4. Bayani Fernando: 891,324
  5. Edu Manzano: 662,703
  6. Perfecto Yasay: 314,433
  7. Jay Sonza: 54,607
  8. Dominador Chipeco: 44,780

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  1. I predict this can come out better compared to any are predicting. We don’t want to jinx it when you are overly optimistic and the media want to lower our expectations in order to suppress the vote.

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  3. great post.Never knew this, thanks for letting me know.

  4. Jeffrey pagaduan fra says:

    Where is my precict number?

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