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Philippines has the cheapest mobile data in Asia — report

We know the headline is shocking but according to a published article from Bloomberg, the cost of mobile data in the county is cheap, even among the cheapest in our neighborhood.

The reason behind this are the promos that are constantly popping out from the two telco players in the country. To be specific, they the current GoSurf50 of Globe and the Giga Surf 50 of Smart. With these promos, a user can enjoy 1GB data plus 300MB for selected partner apps for just Php50. They even come with unlimited all-net texts on the side.

According to an analyst from the UBS Group AG, one megabyte of data brings in just 0.1 USD or about Php5 of revenue in the Philippines compared with 1.13 USD or Php56 in China. Meaning, the local telcos doesn’t earn that much from these promos when compared to other telcos in Asia.

Despite being the cheapest though, there are still a lot to work on with speed and reliability. Yes, speeds have been slowly improving but it’s not enough to be felt by consumers around the archipelago. Both telcos are trying to compete with each other even though they only have their selves in the battle.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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13 Responses

  1. deuts says:

    That’s why bagsak ang price ng shares ng PLDT.

  2. tikyo says:

    LOL! 6 countries lang ba ang bumubuo sa Asia? Patawa din sila. bwahahahahahahaha!

    • Neodeoxy says:

      For the sake of comparison, they only selected six (6) countries, as stated on their infographic at the bottom “Price per megabyte for selected countries in Asia”. As to their basis for their chosen country, they did not however reveal their criteria. And if you are being misled that Asia is only composed of six countries, I guess that is not their intention.

  3. bern says:

    Yes, 1GB for 50Pesos could knock you down with a feather, I even tried it, and enjoyed, lapped up every bit of it, and it’s worth is weight in gold from next person’s perspective.

    The only question is how long these telcos will hold fast for this kind of promo, notwithstanding that their revenue from this is pale in comparison to a regular plan, I own unlisurf plan from Globe for more than a couple of years now, and because of this promo, I
    even thought to to drop it off that I could get by on prepaid monthly, but, of course, because of convenience I decided to keep it whatsoever.

  4. christopher says:

    this information is full of bullshit!!!!!!!!!

  5. mura nga ubod nman ng bagal. di mapakinabangan kahit 4G ang phone mo. maraming places na mahina ang signal. minsan 2G o kaya EDGE lang. kahit mga postpaid subscriber nagsusuffer sa bulok nilang serbisyo. aanhin mo ang mura kung wala nman pakinabang?

  6. I totally agree with what this article. Price of mobile data is cheapest in the Philippines – one can even avail as much free data as possible thru the use of some app like facebook.

    HOWEVER, the cheap price is also very much reflected in the behavior that mobile data is served to the consumers.





    ‘nough said.

  7. K L says:

    mura kasi 1 to 3 days lang ang validity. tska mabagal at minsan spotty ung signals meron area na mabilis meron naman ayaw…

  8. 123456 says:

    That’s why service is also cheap. I’d rather pay more as long as the service isn’t a scratch in the head.

  9. Anh says:

    :)) what a joke? compare their income per capital

  10. Archimedes says:

    The infographic and the Bloomberg article clearly state that the price per MB is in US cents. Not US$. So that makes it one-tenth of a cent and not 1 cent.

  11. Hehe says:

    Damn stupid article same with the other site. The data in the graph clearly states (as it is in the original Bloomberg article) that for China it 1.13 US cents not 1.13 US dollar. And we are paying a tenth of 1 US cent. FFS correct your numbers

  12. ronelm2000 says:

    The reason why it’s cheap is because there’s little net neutrality to go around. You see Netflix promos, HOOQ promos, and even Spotify, and they kinda pay part of the cost of mobile internet just for them to have that competitive advantage from telcos.

    It’s not inherently bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this will lead to even less net neutrality.

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