Globe beefs up GoSurf50 to 1GB open data, still with freebies

Globe beefs up GoSurf50 to 1GB open data, still with freebies

Globe has upgraded one of its popular data offer with more open data allowance to lets users surf any site they wish.

If you just recently registered to GoSurf 50, you’d notice the silent or yet to be announced upgrade that matches it to Smart’s Giga Surf 50 offering introduced last year. With the latest GoSurf 50, you now get 1GB open data — an upgrade from the former 700MB allowance. You still get 300MB more for an app of your choice plus unlimited text to all networks.


Of course, the promo is still valued at Php50 and valid for 3 days. You may dial *143# to register. For now, only prepaid subscribers can use the new promo.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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17 Responses

  1. Goodha says:

    Well i tried redeeming gosurf50 via globe rewards on my globe and TM sims and still got 700mb data+300mb basic spotify today.

  2. jethmercer says:

    i have receive a message from globe that gosurf50 can now be extended or add a hundred mb..

  3. jethmercer says:

    redeeming gs50 is still at 700mb + 300 mb for spotify (by default)..but who knows maybe they’ll also update this..hopefully

  4. Hhic says:

    Kung 50 pesos ang 1gb sa postpaid talo talaga mga postpaid users imagine 999 ang price ng 6gb and for 1 month pa sya samantalang ang prepaid 1gb for 3 days na. So dapat ang bigay na allowance ni globe sa mga postpaid na may gosurf 999 eh 20gb

  5. Humble says:

    Globe is a joke.

  6. Fordie says:

    This offer is good if its like Smart’s promo if you register for a gigasurf before it expires it will carry over what ever data was left from your last promo. But, sad to say its a BIG NO

  7. Rye says:

    Good news pero, how bout the daily cap? Is it still at 700mb?

  8. Irhyn says:

    Dun na lang ako sa 70pesos 1gb for 1week,

    • ahh shh says:

      GOTSCOMBODD70 ftw! sana lang di limited yung offer.. tulad nung gosurf50 for 5days binura nila sa promo.. :D

  9. Reymar says:

    I had this since last week. 1gb + 300mb

  10. goodha says:

    update: This only works as of posting with subscribing to GOSURF50 via the *143# method. Now I got the 1 gig data with a 300mb manually chosen freebie(COC/Clash Royale – valid for 3 days). When I checked via GOSURF BAL, the 1 gig data 3 day subscription was extended to my existing validity period mid next month. My guess is the data will be extended but this 300mb for COC is only good for 3 days. My present gosurf prepaid setup has a 25gig accumulated Spotify basic and I am not a Spotify fan. It just keeps on accumulating.

  11. gio says:

    ok na pala ako, 24g a month kulang pa sa akin. kasi phone lang gamit ko, smart 999. jusme. inde na ako mag rereklamo.

  12. may pamalit na ba sa gs99 +gotscombokea37? mukhang balik gotscombodd70 n nman ako. :(

  13. crimson says:

    dapat gayahin nlng nla yung s saudi 10Gb for 3 months sama n unlicall and txt to same network sa zain network ganun no restrictions.bandwid o caps wlang ganun surf all you can ikaw nlng ang tatancha s pagkunsumo mo.. odi kaya kagaya ng (stc. saudia) 1000GB for 6months pinaka mbangis n offer s lahat isang bagsakang gatos lng no worries kana after no restrictions.. wlang cnbi internet ng pinas s ibang bansa like KSA o UAE. puro pagkamig ang alm ng smart at globe s saudi pa inereklamo sa hari yung ganyang kabulastugan magbabayad cla ng penalty n malake s gov. at sa tao.. sa saudi wlang alibaba.. alibaba means magnanakaw..

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