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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s cameras experiencing auto focus issues

Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It boasted a 108-MP primary shooter capable of up to 100x space zoom. However, reviews from popular publications such as The Verge, PC Mag, and Input Mag all found a flaw.

According to the three publications, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s main camera suffered from auto-focus related issues. The Verge notes that they have been experiencing two issues themselves, focus hunting and overbearing skin smoothing.

PC Mag, on the other hand, was experiencing focus pulsing while trying out the camera. In their review, they said that the camera doesn’t focus on the subject right away, instead only locks after trying out different focal lengths. The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s depth of field was also shallow and was not able to focus on the entire subject, blurring out the sides when taking bokeh shots.


Similar to PC Mag, Input Mag was also disappointed with the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s autofocus capabilities. In their review, they stated that “the autofocus was just a second slower to refocus between shots” when compared to other leading smartphones. Videos were also affected during their testing, as it was not able to lock the subject in focus, resulting in blurry, unusable footage.

The 100x zoom was also unusable, with PC Mag noting that “everything’s too tight, too shaky, and too sharpened.” Input Mag had the same sentiments, saying, “Not only is the camera ridiculously shaky at the highest zoom, but the image it takes is so blurry” in their S20 Ultra camera review.

Both The Verge and Input Mag reported the issues to Samsung. A spokesperson then replied, “The Galaxy S20 features a groundbreaking, advanced camera system. We are constantly working to optimize performance to deliver the best experience for consumers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are working on a future update to improve the camera experience.”

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s official release isn’t due for another week. Hopefully, Samsung can fix and release a patch that will fix the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s autofocus problems.

Sources: The Verge, PC Mag, Input Mag

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