Spotify launches Music + Talk feature in the Philippines

Spotify launches Music + Talk feature in the Philippines

Spotify has officially launched its Music + Talk format in the Philippines.

Spotify’s Music + Talk is a new type of audio experience that combines music with spoken word commentary to provide an in-depth discussion of the track. Ranging from origin stories to discourse on trends and charts, the new format’s commentary will be hosted by leading local creators and musicians. Currently, there are three Filipino podcasts that will feature the new format: Soundtrip with Jugs & Teddy, Makinig Ka Muna with Jim & Saab, and Worms Upon A Time. All three of which are available for both Premium and Free listeners.


According to Spotify’s Culture Next Report, 51% of Filipino millennials and 52% of Filipino Gen Zs believe listening to music without the background knowledge of the culture it came from is a concern. Spotify aims to remedy this problem with the new Music + Talk format.

“Filipinos are passionate about music, and Music + Talk will provide an even more immersive and interactive audio experience for them. With the lockdown, many Filipinos are looking for respite and connection while being at home. Likewise, local creators, who want to engage their audience in a deeper way, are also looking for new creative outlets. With Music + Talk, more artists, creators, and even fans are able to express themselves freely on Spotify – creating new avenues to engage with their friends and fans like never before,” said Carl Zuzarte, Spotify’s Head of Studios, Southeast Asia.

To search for podcasts offering the Music + Talk format, users can type in “Music + Talk” on Spotify and choose from the current array of selections. They can also choose from Spotify’s own curated lists, “Editor’s Picks” and “Made for You.”

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