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Store Finder lets you find nearby operational stores, pharmacies, banks, remittance centers

Store Finder, a web-based map application, lets you know which stores, pharmacies, banks, and remittance centers are still operational during the community quarantine.

To know which stores are currently open, you may go to the Store Finder website, or visit their Facebook page, and send them a message.

You’ll be greeted by Crowdy, their chatbot, that will automatically scan an area for you. To select an area to scan, simply reply with your street/barangay, town/city, and province.

As a crowdsourced service, all the information available is provided by other people who have visited and confirmed that the establishments are open.

If you want to help out and volunteer, you may go to their site, log in using your Facebook or Gmail account, and click the share info button on the bottom of the screen. From there, pin the location of the establishment on the map, and add a marker. Volunteers may also communicate with one another within the website to ask questions and share information.

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  1. Noriko says:

    Hi Yugatech, this site will also help our current situation. You can check it. Thanks

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