The Galaxy Note 4 bends and bends back too!

The Galaxy Note 4 bends and bends back too!

The iPhone 6 Plus bends, the Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t. How about the successor to the Note line up? The Galaxy Note 4 lands on the hands of Unbox Therapy to do the test of the so-called “Bendgate” issue.

Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy is on it again to do the bending for us. If you are updated with the current plague that hunts the newest and biggest iPhone, you’ll be familiar how a mere hand can bend the device. Watch the video below to see how the Note 4 withstands the pressure.


While the Galaxy Note 3 didn’t bend easily thanks to it’s more rigid inner body and plastic build, the Galaxy Note 4 has the tendency to warp with heavy pressure. Good thing you can also bend it back to its near original condition.

It’s worth noting that aluminium (or aluminum for others) is malleable and will bend if forced, but phones should be able to survive our pockets and everyday usage.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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5 Responses

  1. kj says:

    #bendgate or #gapgate.. doesn’t matter. 1 week with my Note 4 here in Seoul and enjoying its extremely good screen. Quite disappointed with the OS though. Everything is BIG on this phone. The apps are not optimized for the screen size. On-screen buttons are so big! Good thing you can resize the window to your liking. That’s the only con for me. The rest are pro. A really great media consumption device.

  2. Pennypi says:

    i dont like this guy hes talking a lot

  3. Kannuchi says:

    This guy hates bend issues on phones obviously with his tone. :p

  4. kamote says:

    mag htc naalng kayo or sony.
    basura apple saka samsung

  5. Hen-Sheen says:

    Form Factor & Cosmetic Design. IPhone 10 might be as thin as paper in the years to come! FYI, there is no perfect brand of phone (this applies to every product & industry). If there is, then other tech. giants will go bankrupt in a matter of years. “Placebo Effect”; not every consumer has the same taste or preferences….. The way he portrayed in these videos reminds me of Joe Vargas or (to the extent) James Rolfe…….

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