TikTok launches Family Pairing feature

TikTok launches Family Pairing feature

TikTok is rolling out a new feature that allows users to customize safety settings. Dubbed as Family Pairing, it allows parents to link their kid’s TikTok account and manage the content they are watching. Among the set of controls include:

  • Screen Time Management: This allows parents to adjust the time their kid can spend on TikTok each day. In addition, TikTok has partnered with top creators to make short videos that encourage users to keep tabs on their screen time.


  • Restricted Mode: This mode lets parents manage and restrict the content that their kids could watch.

  • Direct Messages: This limits who can send messages to your child’s account. Parents can also deactivate direct messaging under this category. Starting April 30, TikTok will disable Direct Messages for account users ages 16 and below.

To ensure that TikTok is a safe place for all ages, the app has placed policies and controls for messaging. As of this writing, only the users’ followers can reach and message. However, the app forbids the sharing of images and videos in Direct Messages. Regular users, meanwhile, can access the Restricted Mode and Screen Time Management in their account settings.

TikTok also offers resources to parents, such as educational safety videos and parental guides to guide parents in teaching their kids to be responsible netizens.

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