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US gov’t reportedly revokes Qualcomm, Intel export licenses to sell chips to Huawei

The US government is throwing another wrench into Huawei’s operations, according to a Reuters report. The company’s access to key American tech just got squeezed further, with reports claiming both Intel and Qualcomm’s licenses to sell chips to Huawei have been revoked.

This move comes hot on the heels of Huawei launching its new MateBook X Pro laptop, the company’s first AI-powered machine boasting Intel’s latest Core Ultra 9 processor.

Huawei Mateboox X Pro 2024 Fi

That launch apparently wasn’t music to the ears of US lawmakers, who saw it as a sign the Commerce Department had given Intel the green light to supply Huawei.

If the reports hold weight, this latest development could cripple Huawei’s ability to produce not just laptops, but also smartphones that rely on Qualcomm and Intel chips.

So far, there’s been no official word from the companies involved, but China’s foreign ministry did fire back in a statement. They accused the US of “overstretching the concept of national security” and “abusing export controls to suppress Chinese companies.”

Huawei’s troubles with the US began back in 2019 when it landed on a trade blacklist over national security concerns, specifically the fear that the company could be spying for the Chinese government.

Since then, Huawei’s suppliers have needed special licenses — notoriously difficult to obtain — to keep the tech flowing. Now, it seems those licenses for Intel and Qualcomm have dried up completely.

Qualcomm and Intel did receive licenses in 2020, but with limitations. Qualcomm could only sell older 4G chips to Huawei, while Intel’s involvement remains unclear.

However, Huawei still pays Qualcomm for licensing its 5G tech portfolio, a deal that expires in fiscal 2025. Whether this licensing deal played a part in the development of Huawei’s latest Kirin smartphone chips remains to be seen.

Source: Reuters 16

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