US grants patent to Apple software that generates synthetic group selfie

Apple has recently granted a patent for software that generates synthetic group selfie. The American tech company’s latest invention allows users to take group selfies while practicing social distancing and share the images on social media websites.

Based on the PDF file uploaded on the US Patent and Trademark Service website, the software an Apple device user to invite friends and participate in a group selfie. The software would then collate each person’s images and put it into a single photo to make it like they are in a single frame. Apart from photos, the software could also produce video clips and live streaming images.

Those who invited their friends can keep the original and group version of selfies. Meanwhile, the original user and recipients could edit the selfies by arranging the order of the selfies.

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The patent did not indicate on which Apple device and when it would be available, but we’re most likely to see it on iPads and iPhones.

The document also stated that Apple has applied for the patent last July 2018. This means that it has been developing the software way before the pandemic started.


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