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Viber new update lets users react to messages

Viber rolls-out new updates on its mobile app, including reactions on messages.

With Viber’s new update, users can now react to messages. Long tap the heart icon to any message and react with either a heart, laugh, shock, sad, or angry reactions on Viber Communities and group chats.

Here are other updates on the Viber app:

Users can now enjoy playing trivia with Quiz mode in polls. Simply tap the Polls icon then toggle Quiz mode on.

My Notes
Forwarded messages from other chats into “My Notes” show you from which chat you forwarded them so users will always remember the context. Once completed, hide these notes by marking as “done”.

Easily pin what matters
Pin plans, passwords, or ideas in your 1-on-1 chats. Long tap any message and choose pin.

More control – more privacy
Control whether your saved contacts or anyone can add you to groups. Tap Settings, Privacy, Control Who Can Add You to Groups to apply restrictions.

Timed disappearing messages
Disappearing messages can now be timed to self-destruct after 1 day or depending on the time that you set.

Dark Mode for iOS
For iOS users, Viber will now automatically follow your device’s dark mode settings. To activate this, tap More then go to Settings,. Proceed to Appearance and select Auto Theme.

iPhone message actions – but easy
When you long-tap messages in the chat, you get to access more actions with the newly-designed message menu.

Delete in bulk
On iPhone, select multiple messages to easily delete with one single tap – either your message or anyone else.

Create stickers on iPhone
iPhone user may create their own stickers from photos stored on their device. They may personalize their sticker with doodles, text, and more.

Media sorting made easy
The chat info screen on Android gets a fresh new look and everything is simpler to find. Sort photos, videos, and files by type in the new chat media gallery.

Watch videos without the wait
On Android, users can watch videos right when you receive then.

Choose who to call

iOS users may start a call in any group chat up to 20 participants. To do this, just tap the icon in the group chat and select contacts that you would want in the call.

Source: Viber

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