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Waze adds new COVID-19 features and reminders to its app

Waze recently added a slew of COVID-19 features to its app as part of its local and global crisis response to the pandemic. This includes adding COVID-19-related content, notifications, and additional COVID-19 reference laboratories in the country to the app.

Waze’s map editors and crisis response team are currently working with 58 countries to add region-specific relief efforts including road closures, red zones, and more to the map. In the Philippines, the company has added COVID-19 reference laboratories located in Metro Manila, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao to its map. This allows users to locate the nearest medical testing center by typing “COVID” in the destination search bar.


Reminding users to take precautions and follow local guidelines during the lockdown, the app now has a “Luzon Quarantine” notification that appears every 24 hours. Waze has also launched a COVID-19 landing page to encourage the government in contributing data for locating medical testing centers and relief goods distribution centers. Validation of the information will be done by Waze first. Details will be added to the map once the information is verified. Drive-thrus and curbside pickups for food and other essential supplies are also added in the map to practice social distancing.

Businesses can also update their information by contacting Waze’s support team.

According to the data gathered by Waze,  most countries across the world have significantly stopped driving. The kilometers traveled by Waze users globally were 60% fewer compared to the recorded daily average last February 2020. To be specific, Filipino Waze users were driving 88% less due to the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) mandated by the government.

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