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Win this: Seek Thermal Imaging Camera for Android

Imaging those night vision cameras that detect heat or thermal signatures? We’ll you can have that one too in your Android phone. Just plug in this Seek Thermal camera and you can easily spot warm bodies in pitch black.

It also uses infrared signatures to give you an estimate temperature of objects you’re shooting at.

All you have to do is download the Seek companion app, attached the camera to your smartphone via the microUSB port and start taking photos and videos in the dark.

The Seek camera is available via Galleon.ph for a little over Php15,000 which includes shipping, US taxes, customs and VAT. (see listing here). Take note: Galleon.ph now also allows you to buy from any stores in China and they will arrange everything for you. Check out the details here.

This is a sample video taken with the Seek camera. Just look at those little critters jumping around:

But wait, you can win and own this Seek camera too! Check out the details on how get it.

1) Subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

2) Post the thermal video above in your Facebook and tell us what specific type of critters we were shooting.

3) Leave a comment below with a link to your post.

The one who can guess the exact name/species of those little creatures in the video wins the Seek thermal camera.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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18 Responses

  1. Booker says:

    Or you can ebay it directly to yourself for 10,000p + 1000p postage. Galleon is internet shopping for people that have never heard of Amazon or Ebay. All that they seem to do is scrape items from amazon, double the price… and then sell it again.

    Even if Customs decides to hit you up for 2k pesos and a blood sample from your firstborn you still save more by using a different online vendor (i.e. go to Amazon or ebay direct).

    • M says:

      I think Galleon are mostly for people that doesn’t have credit cards

    • jeffrey siy says:

      Here is the updated price. Please note that there are different models and the ebay link is for iOS.

      We compute landed cost so you don’t need to worry about shipping and customs. We also cover replacement or refund in case your item is defective, broken or wrong.

      Yes you can always try doing it yourself but there will be risk of both time and surprise fees from both shipping and customs.

  2. Sid says:


  3. Galleon.ph so pricey….almost double the price

    • jeffrey siy says:

      Those items that you describe double price might be compared to just item price. Please note that we handle shipping, customs and local delivery. The bigger the item, the larger the overall cost

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