Windows 10 support may arrive to Chromebooks

Windows 10 support may arrive to Chromebooks

Chromebooks have been in the market for quite some time now but most of them aren’t that hotly anticipated nor bought. All of that may change though if Google pushes through with what our friends over at XDA-Developers just found.

The people at the well-known forum just discovered through a source code a feature called Campfire, which will allow Chrome OS to dual-boot Windows 10. This feature will be available in multiple variants but sadly it may not cover all of the available Chromebooks on the market. That’s because the recent code reveals that you’d need at least 40GB of space for Campfire to work.


Sadly, a lot of Chromebooks only have 32GB or even less. The silver lining here though is that enabling the dual-boot mode won’t be a pain. You’d no longer have to toggle Developer mode and there is even a hint of a simple command that can enable the new mode.

There is no definite date when Campfire will be available on Chromebooks or if it is even close to completion and implementation. Google will hold a hardware event in the coming days, so we may or may not see a glimpse of Campfire.

source: XDA-Developers
via: Engadget

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