Zoom update improves security with AES 256-bit GCM encryption

Zoom update improves security with AES 256-bit GCM encryption

After the security vulnerabilities exposed in Zoom, they have committed to improving their platform’s security.

Zoom’s latest 5.0 update brings the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard, offering better protection for its users’ meeting data in transit. It covers users’ Zoom Meetings, Zoom Video Webinars, and Zoom Phone data. Account admins may now choose which data center regions their hosted meetings and webinars use for real-time traffic.


Aside from the security update, there are also other UX and control improvements coming with the Zoom 5.0 update. These include:

  • Security Icon – Zoom’s security features are now grouped in the Security icon in the meeting menu bar on the host’s interface.
  • Robust Host Controls – Hosts can now Report a User, disable other members’ ability to rename themselves, and disallow other members’ ability to share their screen.
  • Waiting Room default-on – The virtual waiting room before being admitted into a meeting is now turned on by default.
  • Meeting password complexity and default-on – Meeting passwords are now on by default. Administeredaccounts admins can now define password complexity, as well as the length of the pin required for accessing voicemail.
  • Cloud recording passwords – Accessing cloud recordings will now require other members with a complex password.
  • Secure account contact sharing – Larger organizations will now be supported by a new data structure, allowing them to link contacts across multiple accounts.
  • Dashboard enhancement – Admins can view how their meetings are connecting to Zoom data centers in their Zoom Dashboard. Information includes data centers connected to HTTP Tunnel Servers, as well as Zoom Conference Room Connectors and gateways.

Zoom 5.0 is scheduled for release within the week, including the support for GCM encryption. System-wide account enablement will take place on May 30.

You may view the full changelog here.

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