Acer Aspire Timeline notebook lasts for 8 hours

Acer Aspire Timeline notebook lasts for 8 hours

This was launched sometime last month but I only had several close encounters with it lately. The Acer Timeline notebook boasts of up to 8 hours battery life and sports a nice slim design (slimmer than most netbooks).

Most of the Acer notebooks I’ve seen around are ugly and bulky but the Acer Timeline series changed that impression. And they’re very light too.

acer timeline notebook

The Timeline has 3 models although I’ve only seen two — the 13.3″ and 14″ models with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels running GMA 4500MHD.


acer timeline notebook

In order for the notebooks to squeeze out 8 hours of battery life, they had to use low-powered CPUs — an Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 (1.4GHz, 10watts TDP) and a Core 2 Solo SU3500 (1.4GHz, 5.5watts TDP) then couple that with 3GB of DDR3 1066MHz RAM. Storage options at 250GB and 320GB on each.

acer timeline notebook

The 13.3″ Acer Timeline costs more at around Php45,000 while the 14″ has a retail price of Php39,990. And oh, did I mention it’s WiMax-ready, has WiFi 802.11n and has options for 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5.7 Mbps HSUPA (for 3G models)?

When I asked the guys at ElectroWorld why the smaller 13″ model is more expensive, one of them said “the smaller they are, the more expensive they become”. I should have said “Have you seen the Acer Aspire One” but didn’t bother to argue anymore.

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46 Responses

  1. whaâ„¢ says:

    nice job for acer… but its to expensive. it cost like a mac book

  2. DEo says:

    not bad because its really beautiful… thanks for the post sir…

  3. DEo says:

    is this already open to purchase in the public? what’s the difference between this and MSI?

  4. spidamang says:

    arguing with sales people is pointless. A salesguy once told me I can’t use ubuntu on a new MSI motherboard because they’re only for Windows XP and up. hehehehe. Maybe he associated ubuntu with windows 98. :D

  5. Jerome says:

    Well, I think it is expensive because of the processor. But I still like the macbook air because it is equipped with a nVidia Graphics. BTW, are there any thin notebooks like this that are equipped with a nVidia or ATI graphics aside from the macbook air?

  6. JDSalinger says:

    This is hot stuff!! lenovo laptops are also great when it comes to battery life and this one is much like lenovo laptops but damn! its design is sweet! slimmer too

  7. Jhay says:

    It has WiFi, WiMax and 3G on some models, wonder how all that has weighed in on the advertised 8-hour battery life?

    But anything that goes beyond 5 hours is already remarkable!

  8. wow! that’s a remarkable achievement! way to go acer! :)

    i guess UPS will be be extinct after 6 months… what do you think guys?

  9. deuts says:

    What???!!! The people in the store don’t know you? :D

  10. wow 8 hours parang MACBOOK!
    all the batterylife (and price) of macbook and the headaches of Windows…ALL IN ONE!!: )

  11. oh oh oh . i forgot! chicklet keyboard keys! parang IBM PC Junior….at MACBOOK!


  12. yuga says:

    @deuts – I was wearing a mask. hehe

    @jomar – Windows? It’s Ubuntu!

    @jhay – the 8-hour battery life is rated without the connectivity features on.

    @Unknown Soldier – I still need longer-lasting UPS. Got two at home and each one only lasts 15 minutes.

    @jerome – haven’t encountered one yet but the HP dvx series have one. Discreet graphics eat a lot of battery life.

    @deo – saw it in several stores already. MSI has CULV, Celeron and Atom options.

  13. loadex says:

    siguro next na develop naman fast charging battery.. under 15mins 80% na.. then 8 hours batt life.. at least pag na low batt.. maki charge lang ng 15 mins.. on the go na ulit.

  14. calvin says:

    looks really nice. pero yeah mas mura talaga yung maliliit na notebooks (not netbook) compared sa standard 14″. dunno why.

  15. Ric says:

    How do these low powered CPU’s perform? Can they at least compare with low end C2D’s? Were you able to try the keyboard?

  16. Ric says:

    Looking at it again, it’s not that impressive at all. A Dell Latitude E6400 with the 9 cell battery, P8600 CPU, LED screen and X4500 graphics will give you 7-8 hours battery life. It’s not as light as this one but definitely more powerful.

  17. Jam. says:

    @Sir Yuga
    Well, they can put 9400m in it. I heard that Intel 4500m and GeForce 9400m has almost the same power consumption, not sure about that :D.

  18. yuga says:

    @ric – the SU9400 is a C2D CPU. Keyboard is really nice and soft. This is not a performance-intensive laptop but a portability-efficient laptop so no comparison with the Dell Lalitude. Methinks, it’s in the league of the MSI XSlim.

    @Jam – TDP of 9400M is 12watts while the 4500m is 8watts. I think they chose the cheaper one but still be able to play full HD.

  19. Jam. says:

    Ahhh, that’s why they choose 4500m because it has less power consumption. Thanks for the info sir yuga :D

  20. aldrin says:

    Hi, I have a couple of questions for you.

    1. Does the 13.3″ comes with an external DVD drive upon purchase?
    2. Where you able to benchmark its performance?
    3. What do you think of it against Dell Adamo?


  21. yuga says:

    @aldrin – no OMD for the 13.3″ but the 15″ has internal OMD. Wasn’t able to do any benchmarks and the Adamo is way expensive (upwards of Php100k).

  22. aldrin says:

    Yeah, Adamo is a luxury type laptop. I checked Villman store and the 13.3″ timeline costs 504 pesos less than Electroworld’s. haha.

  23. Miguel says:

    Looks like the MSI X-Slim has a challenger!

  24. alejojoe says:

    you can check the full specs here. to see more cool features. i have tried one last May 25 on their manila launch. the unit is very sleek.

  25. Darren says:

    13″ panel price is higher haha

  26. Miguel says:

    No, smaller LCD panels == Lower cost.

    The difference is because they put more RAM and HDD into the 13″. Weird, but true:

    I want to know what the price is for the Core2 Duo SU9400 is. I’m not sure if I can go back to single-core CPUs.

  27. Mr.Bigtime says:

    I just bought a ACER TIMELINE AS4810T with SU3600 CPu 3gb DDR3 ram and 320GB HDD. also 14″..i still didnt try it..iam at office right now..its in my cars baggage lol…iam sure i dont need a powerful Laptop at all..i have 1 at home.. both my pc and laptop r powerful..i needed a LANG BATTERY LIFE laptop for mobility…i thought Asus eee 1000he but it looks like a KID toy and if this acer even goes 4 hours i will be happy..i need internet on the go as my business.

  28. KC says:

    Acer notebooks aren’t ugly and bulky as they’re designed by BMW fyi. Read and experience before you talk and this isn’t a review as you’re just commenting products without even having one. A reviewer should have the product for him or her to tell something about it not to despise it. CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG. I just had my Timeline 4810T and its working great.

  29. mike says:

    hello! were can i buy acer aspire timeline in pangasinan? is it already available here? thanks!

  30. i already own acer timeline for almost a month now, battery is quite okay, it lasted for 4hrs straight use, pwede na to watch movie and go surfing net nonstop hahaha.

    preloaded with vista OS, kya lang nababagalan talga ako sa vista kya.downgrade ko sa windows xp..mas happy ako..

  31. yuga says:

    @migz – the more powerful one costs Php45k

    @KC – I own 2 Acer netbook/laptop right now. Ugly is a subjective term so I guess we don’t agree on that plain.

  32. mr tech programmer says:

    I’ve hear rumors that may be the battery was well manufactured with the cooperation of Energizer battery corporation. Do you think that’s true? ( for all readers of this site and including the web master ).

  33. archran says:

    I bought 3810T 3GB DDR3 RAM 320GB HDD. I noticed theres a sim slot hidden at the back. remove the battery and you will see its. I found out that they are using this device for it GTM382E module. It has an NTC sticker so i was thinking to use the device but no software/driver was provided to allow the use of such device. I also dont see it on the device manager. tried downloading the software at the manufacutrers site but it requires a serial number or an IMEI to allow download of driver/software… Maybe I’ll just contact acer regarding this

  34. laptopcrashed says:

    kakabili ko lang kanina. haha! maganda sya! :)) ganda pa ng sounds…

  35. tots says:

    does the acer timeline ideal for online gaming?

  36. Israel Nicolas says:

    Why does the U.S. model have built in Wimax/3G/HSPDA? and we don’t? I am still buying this but it is just a bummer to carry a globe tattoo modem on this small laptop.

  37. abac says:

    Hi all the Timeline OWNERS !!

    I wonder if the Timeline u got, …

    1) has the “SimSlot” or not? (The slot is hidden in the back by the Battery)

    2) If it exists, what is your FULL CODE NAME of your Timeline? (For example: 4810TG 354G32Mn/X007)

    2) If it exists, can you use “GPRS/EDGE” or “3G” with it?


  38. Wolf75 says:

    Scott and I talked and both felt strongly that the company needs a personal touch. ,

  39. Lilith says:

    Hi. Does anyone know if the Core 2 Duo SU9400 model is out in the market already and where can i get it? I’ve asked a number of stores but they know when it’s coming out.


  40. Miguel says:

    Thinking of recommending this to a casual user – it’s down to ~33K!

  41. mhay says:

    hi, meron po b d2 nong chrome finish just like in the US?

    here’s the site:

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  43. jhonesen says:

    I’m in a dilemma of choosing the right laptop…….. I shortlisted these two but still can’t make up my mind. Acer timeline x has 8-12hours of battery life and intel core i5 while MacBook pro has the same? Help!

  44. Pozycjonowanie Top says:

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