Project Natal on the XBox 360

Project Natal on the XBox 360

Is this even real? Microsoft did it once again with Project Natal on the XBox 360. You have to watch this presentation they did over at the E3 Conference.

Project Natal for the Microsoft XBox 360 does away with the remote control and allows human players to use their body to interact with the game.


Project Milo is an interactive platform with this virtual kid called Milo that interacts with people and seamlessly merges the real and virtual world.

Really cool, huh?

When this comes out, I’m getting an XBox 360.

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23 Responses

  1. Ardz says:

    This is so cool and a little bit scary!

  2. Pedro says:

    looks cool…looks super expensive…

  3. JohnLloy says:

    now this is awesome and cool and kinky oops sorry hahaha

  4. I like this one.. but for sure price is too expensive.

  5. MS really gained from acquiring 3dv systems, I might say its the coolest acquisition they had

  6. wow! this is so cool!

    I hope that there is no “blue screen of death” on these devices! wahaha! :P

  7. Hm…this is cool but for me, it is more of a powerful eye-toy? Isn’t it obvious I’m a Sony fanboy? :P

    But in serious thought, my concern for Natal is first, how much would this it cost, second, if most of the things presented yesterday were all real-time and not pre-scripted and finally, how accurate would it really be!

  8. eithan says:

    I still love my PS3!!!

  9. Calvin says:

    haha yeah right abe. yung Wii mo nga nabubulok na eh. :P

  10. Patrick says:

    The web’s abuzz with this. Haha! It’s funny coz Nintendo’s presentation was such a dud compared to MS’s.

    Would love to have this although I’m not a gamer but not after 5 years when it’s cheaper. Anyway, I’m still a bit skeptical how accurate the sensor would be. We’ll see…

  11. Just awesome. Now I have to start saving for this one. The last game console I bought was Playstation 2.

  12. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    ah the holodeck is so near!
    next year someone will release the real thing

  13. drew says:

    this is soo sooo cool!!!

  14. beng says:

    They had a disclaimer on it, says something like “not all features might not be on the final product…” whatever. it’s just a vid demo anyways. but the prototype they had people said was pretty real time…

  15. jehzlau says:

    I think Project Milo can also be played on PS3 if the EyeCamera has a voice recognition. hehe :D

  16. this bring gaming to the next level

  17. jed says:

    they “did” it once again?

    more like they “bought” it once again.

    since when did something revolutionary come out of redmond anyway.

  18. Nice blog adding this to my twitter now

  19. Love this page, is it updated often? Bookmarked :)

  20. BoMB says:

    does any one knows how much is this gadget?

  21. Riya says:

    How much is this now?

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