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Project Natal on the XBox 360

Is this even real? Microsoft did it once again with Project Natal on the XBox 360. You have to watch this presentation they did over at the E3 Conference.

Project Natal for the Microsoft XBox 360 does away with the remote control and allows human players to use their body to interact with the game.

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Project Milo is an interactive platform with this virtual kid called Milo that interacts with people and seamlessly merges the real and virtual world.

Really cool, huh?

When this comes out, I’m getting an XBox 360.

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  1. Riya says:

    How much is this now?

  2. BoMB says:

    does any one knows how much is this gadget?

  3. Free Gadget says:

    Love this page, is it updated often? Bookmarked :)

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