Samsung WB500 and ST50 Digital Cameras

Samsung WB500 and ST50 Digital Cameras

Samsung sent in a couple of their newer still digital camera for review. One of them is the WB500 that has a 24mm ultrawide angle lens with 10x optical zoom.

The 10.2 megapixel WB500 reminds me of the Lumix LX3 and those big bold lenses you seldom see in compact cameras.

samsung camera

The WB500 can also capture HD movie at 720p resolution at 30fps. It will retail for Php24,990.


This other one is the Samsung ST50, a 12.2MP slim camera (16.6mm) with a large 2.7″ display screen at the back. Suggested retail price is Php15,490.

samsung camera

Will add more details and sample shots in the full review.

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11 Responses

  1. wow! how much is the SRP for both camera sir abe?

  2. Kiel says:

    how much is the price of each camera??

  3. eithan says:

    Abe, bakit walang features?

  4. yuga says:

    Just added the SRP from Samsung and posted them above.

  5. eithan says:

    I think thats too much!!!

  6. eman says:

    No offese folks, Feature wise, lumix TZ7 is much better compare to this.

  7. asuseroako says:

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 (aka ZS3) … FTW!

    Bnew unit is P20,000 @ sulit dot com

  8. gealan says:

    where i can i buy this samsung camera ST50

  9. Wow… it looks really nice.

    Nino Natividad

  10. Immediately after reading this particular write-up i simply got to point out this is exactly what makes the net such a superb place , the potential to share and appreciate top of the line information and facts. Do you have a newsletter i can subscribe to?

  11. gizmoz says:

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful camera with us…..i like the present option of the camera…

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