Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 in the flesh!

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 in the flesh!

This is probably the first Honeycomb tablet we’ve seen that actually comes with a built-in full keyboard and the twin-brother of the Asus Transformer — the Asus Slider SL101.

Unlike the Asus Transformer, the Asus Slider has a built-in keyboard that slides out from the back and serves as a stand/platform.

As such, it’s a bit chunkier at 17.3mm — very thick for a tablet but still thinner than most netbooks out there.


The specs are pretty standard for an Android tablet:

Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 specs:
10.1″ LED IPS display @ 1280×800 pixels
NVidia Tegra 2 1.0GHz processor
16GB & 32GB internal storage
WiFi 80211 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
5MP rear camera
1.2MP front-facing camera
25Wh Li-Po battery, up to 8 hours
Android 3.1 Honeycomb

What you actually get are additional ports and connectivity because of the space provided by the keyboard, like a full USB 2.0 port.

I am told the unit will not be available in the Philippines before November 2011. As for the price, it’s still not fixed but will definitely be a couple thousands cheaper than the Asus Transformer w/ Dock so I’m guessing Php25k to Php27k range.

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18 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    Hahaha I think this would be the latest design of Laptop….an over size Slider phone….hehehehe Nice idea! :-)

  2. lawrence says:

    Like! :)

  3. eatonop says:

    May actually cost more. lists it at 899.99 USD.

  4. Wow! ang mahal pala nito ah..

  5. H says:

    love the idea! now pls make it thinner and lighter.

  6. 21 says:

    Waaa, this one is big deal, but i like the other one from sony…

  7. jamesmuga says:

    this design probably replace netbooks

  8. Gumz says:

    this design probably replace the notebooks

  9. sonofa says:

    Sa Singapore mura lang transformer

    • eatonop says:

      There are two types of Asus Transformers. One is the Transformer TF101 which comes with an optional dock keyboard and is priced at about 400 USD sans the kb or plus 125 USD with the kb. The Transformer SL101 which has a built in keyboard is really more expensive because of this feature. So I wonder whether the Singapore price of the Transformer you were saying refers to the TF101 or the SL101?

  10. anuk says:

    awesome tablet ……. i will b purchasing it when it release in india…

  11. Tom says:

    Am loving the slider. Is perfect for travel.
    and have just found this cool comp all about dream destinations
    worth a go as some eee pads are up as prizes.

  12. Lili Bartley says:

    I had a go at this app! It’s really fun! I got Scotland which is spot on for me :)

  13. arthur says:

    I took the quiz.. apparently my dream destination is Salzburg. Interesting as I have been before.

    Tried again and got Kyoto.. now just need to book the flights!


    i got greece as mine !! fingers crossed about winning an Eee Pad :)

  15. Maeve says:

    I love this facebook app!! I did it three times! I so want to win a slider…

  16. kim says:

    kaloka… ganda.. san ba to mabibili!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh

  17. kim says:

    super nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh!!!!!!! want to have one

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