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Asus EeePC 900 SRP: Php24,995

Asus Philippines is still mulling over the suggested retail price of the newer Asus Eee PC 900. The firm handling the launching of the model next week indicated it will be Php24,995 but the final price will be revealed during the event.

All the while, units are already being sold on PC Corner with a price tag of Php 28,999. They previously listed this at Php33,900 (with 2GB of RAM).

Two flavors are currently available — a 12GB + Windows XP model and a bigger 20GB + Linux Xandros model. Both will have 1GB of memory on board.

P.S.: Bloggers interested in attending this Press Launch can leave a comment. I can recommend you on the Asus event list. This is on May 12, 10:30 AM in Makati.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

36 Responses

  1. Avatar for dAnIeL dAnIeL says:

    i just want to ask what part of the makati city it will launch???..
    hope for your reply thanks..

  2. Avatar for Chu Sibal Chu Sibal says:

    Just to comment on the pricing: At P25,000 they would still sell mass quantities of this as it would be a perfect starter notebook that’s tiny. At P29,000 it will just be a niche product much like the more expensive small laptops are. I’ve seen PC Corner post the HP2133 for P32,000 which is crazy. They could have made an impact market-wise but there is not much value in that kind of pricing.

  3. Avatar for Chu Sibal Chu Sibal says:

    Can I get an invite? Any news whether the units will actually be available for sale during the launch? Thanks!

  4. Avatar for Reggie Reggie says:

    do we still have the chance to receive the invites for the launch? are we going to receive them by email?

  5. Avatar for jun jun says:

    saan sa makati ito? i want to go (sana ma late ang start)…

  6. Avatar for Dan Castro Dan Castro says:

    Invite please… :D

  7. Avatar for BSCastro BSCastro says:

    Already own a Asus 2G Surf but might upgrade. May I also have an invite please?

    Thank you.

  8. Avatar for Dicky Banzon Dicky Banzon says:

    Comment for JHAY… My brother got one of those Compaq Presarios, a C700 (C733TU) which comes with Vista Starter edition, for P25,000. Since this Vista is a piece of c**p, I downgraded it to XP as soon as it bogged down (which it inevitably had to do, given the insufficient specs). Had trouble getting the audio and wifi drivers for XP. Seems to be a common -problem for this model. Still haven’t been able to get the microphone to work. Just a warning, in case you plan to downgrade the OS of the Presario.

    Still, P25 K is a lot of money for a umpc… especially since the competition is coming out with similar units at the current price of the eeepc (around US$400 or P16,000 – P17,000). I saw on the internet that there’s another atom based mini notebook with a 9 inch screen and Intel chipset coming out for the same price as the eeePC 701. You might want to wait a while.

    Just make sure you don’t get a VIA based mini notebook…

  9. Avatar for Dicky Banzon Dicky Banzon says:

    P25,000 seems a lot considering that the eeepc 900 sells in Hong Kong for HK$3998 or around P21,700 at the current exchange rate. But I guess I’m not factoring in the local taxes. HK$3,998 comes out to around US$513, but they’re selling it in the US for about US$550.

    Still not sure if I should wait for the atom version or not. From what I’ve seen on the ‘net, the atom won’t be that much of an improvement. Probably longer battery life, but processing power might be only slightly improved. Since the Atom is an “in order” processor (has to process instructions sequentially), the existing Celeron 900 Mhz processor might actually be faster. Also, we already have all these hacks for the Celeron processor in the UNOFFICIAL EEEPC WEBSITE…

    Still, should be better than the Via processor they put on that HP mini notebook and the Astone. Processing power is equivalent to a Celeron 500Mhz… and that’s for the 1.6 Ghz Via processor. I’d keep away from the via based notebooks…

    I’d appreciate an invite to the launch, if you can swing it. Thanks

  10. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    No wonder I got an invitation too. Thanks Sir Abe! :D

    If it will really sell for just Php24K, then it might change my mind, then again it may not. I’ve been pondering lately and for the same price of Php24k, I’d still get that Compaq Presario I blogged about days ago. :P

    Now if only MacBooks carried these pricetags…lol

  11. Avatar for Lucien Tiojanco Lucien Tiojanco says:

    I wanna go to the event. Please invite me. Hehehe. :-)

  12. Avatar for Chris Misola Chris Misola says:

    Count me in too, thanks a lot

  13. Avatar for Reggie Reggie says:

    count me in! i need to collate all UMPC news i can get

  14. Avatar for Maki Maki says:

    Hi, can I go along with my brother? :) It would be interesting to see that ASUS 900 laptop among other products too.

  15. Avatar for JC John SESE Cuneta JC John SESE Cuneta says:


    Just wear what you usually wear. You don’t need to be semi-formal or formal ;) If you want to wear Barong Tagalog or Coat & Tie, then wear it if that will make you comfortable. Otherwise, just be casual :)

  16. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi guys, I need the blog URL of those attending the Press Launch.

  17. Avatar for Spidey Spidey says:

    Yugs, can you include me in the list so I can attend the product launch? TY.

  18. Avatar for kenneth punongbayan kenneth punongbayan says:

    hmmm i want a umpc kasi ang bigat sa likod dalin araw araw ang regular size laptop sa school…

  19. Avatar for John Lloy John Lloy says:

    hi sir would like to attend the said event.. thanks.

  20. Avatar for ferdie ferdie says:

    ayus un ah….bago n nman

  21. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    In regards to the Topblogs.com.ph comment, were out of the country, we’ll deal with things when I get back.

  22. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    boo theyre selling them for NT 15900 or about PHP22,000 at the taiwan airport. Got one already :) They should be as low as the price can be since they will have stiff competition from the other UMPCs in the upcoming months.

  23. Avatar for Ethan Ethan says:

    Medyo out of the topic lang po ito but i want to ask why Julia Aquino’s blog ranks higher than Yugatech in Topblogs.com.ph whereas according to her sitemeter, she only receives an average of 2300 to 3000 unique visitors a day. Yugatech should rank higher than Julia.

    Naitanong ko lang po kasi kayo po ang may-ari ng Pinoytopblogs dati di ba? And before accurate ang measurement unlike now parang madali atang madaya ang topblogs.com.ph

  24. Avatar for Ninoy Leyran Ninoy Leyran says:

    Hi, I want to attend this event, just bought an EEE PC last month, so far it’s been great.

  25. Avatar for Aldrin Cantos Aldrin Cantos says:

    Hi Master,

    I also received an invite to the Press Launch. Will you be there? I want to go. This will be my first time to attend an event like this and I’m not confident. What should I wear? Should I wear barong? Amerikana? Ano? hehe…

  26. Avatar for ralph ralph says:

    panu ba sumali dito

  27. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    Arr if only I could file for an absent for this… =_= oh well. Guess i’ll just wait for updates.

    25K hmm… sounds like a deal but again more I’m inclined to wait for an Atom version.

  28. Avatar for a gin a gin says:

    I’d like to be there. Looking at it for some upcoming travel.

  29. Avatar for JC John SESE Cuneta JC John SESE Cuneta says:

    @Eugene freebies! hehe.. it’s fun ;) Any press launch/conference is always fun. The mere fact of getting an invitation when you’re doing nothing is in itself very elating.

    It means they know “YOU”.

    Finally, you of course get to right the first info about the gadget and first photos. So bring your notebook so you can update real quick :p

  30. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Oh yeah, I took the liberty to sent some of your names and emails earlier. :D

  31. Avatar for Eugene Eugene says:

    I received an email invitation to the press launch. I’m thinking of attending. I’ve never been to a gadget press launch before so what should I expect?

  32. Avatar for JC John SESE Cuneta JC John SESE Cuneta says:

    Me and my fiance are looking for the right notebook for our needs and their launch event will be a good thing for us, BUT, Monday morning? I have Corporate meetings, and my fiance have to attend her ICT seminars.

    Right now we’re choosing between Lenovo (IBM) IdeaPad and Asus Eee notebooks.

  33. Avatar for aczafra aczafra says:

    Of course, just to be sure I might as well leave a comment here also. Hope they could send me an invite. Thanks!

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