Twitter by the Numbers

Twitter by the Numbers

Twitter has a relatively nice growth in the past year. Amidst the cloud of hype, some numbers are finally making their way out into the clearing. Pretty interesting stats.

The numbers will speak for themselves. By March 2008, Twitter has:

Total Users: 1+ million (1.3 million by April 2008 according to Silicon Alley)
Total Active Users: 200,000 per week
Total Twitter Messages: 3 million/day


That 200k users per week sending out 3 million messages per day boils down to 105 messages per day per active user. That’s a ton of twittering per day! According to TC, the active users doubled in just 2 months — 100k per week in January 2008 — a quick jump from 50k/week back in April 2007. No wonder Twitter has been reportedly suffering from numerous downtimes recently.

Twitter is also testing some ads and is on its first dibs into making some real money.

twitter japan

Twitter Japan has been spotted to ad streaming ads on the right side of the website — advertisers moving to where the conversations are. From the looks on that screenshot, Toyota just became the first advertiser on Twitter.

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  1. Presence Social-Network Services (PSNS) is huge today. Google-Jaiku needs to hasten their integration process if they want to win the race. I prefer Jaiku myself, not just because it’s Google’d but the features.

    I’m starting to like Pownce, it might become the 2nd for me, but until then Twitter is my 2nd ;)

  2. I am really surprised to see so much useful information all at one place. This page is indeed entertaining. Thank you for uploading it. Its really awesome. Looking forward for more posts.

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