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Does AMD have a brand perception problem?

While talking to one of the computer manufacturers recently, they shared that they have a hard time selling premium laptops when it’s powered by an AMD processor. The issue might have to deal with market perception of the brand.

When the topic was raised, a lot of my friends in the media thought it was due to the decade-long perception that AMD processors heat up so fast. Actually, that’s not a problem any more (but the notion still persists up to now) but more like consumer tolerance on pricing.

The bottom line — it’s very hard to sell the Phenom brand at top tier prices, unlike the Core i5 or i7 series. And to think Intel’s new CPU brands are way younger (now we know that marketing is such a huge deal when it comes to brands). So people are willing to shell out tens of thousands of pesos for laptops with the Core i5 and Core i7 brand but would not do the same if it were an Athlon or a Phenom.

However, there’s a sweet spot — for laptops at under Php30k price tag, people have no problem with AMD processors. In fact, laptops with Athlon or Phenom processors sell like hotcakes as long as they’re cheap. There’s a segment in the market that are actually AMD fans (they say it’s the TipidPC market and it makes sense since those are people who really look for value for their money).

Here’s my question — when was the last time you bought a laptop with an AMD processor in it?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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88 Responses

  1. Rolex says:

    For laptops, I’ll put my money on Intel. I won’t take my chances with AMD — they’re power hogs. But I think the Bobcat line will strip them of that stereotype when it launches.

    On desktop platforms, however, AMD is champ when it comes to overclocking. I’ve had my Phenom 2 X6 run 24 hours of prime95 stability @4.2ghz at manual voltages.

    Still, it depends on your preferences. I just don’t trust AMD on mobility though.

  2. dongkidoodles says:

    you are right abe. it’s a brand perception. All my 3 laptops and one desk top are intel powered because I avoided AMD due to the perceived heat problem. Now the problem is over, I might consider AMD next time.

  3. Jhay says:

    The overheating problems of the past probably stems from overclocking AMD chips which is what I’ve come to know the brand for.

    Though I’ve never owned a PC or laptop with an AMD chip, the lower price has always appealed to me. Except when Intel’s flashy ads and over-all brand presentation, I’m sold.

  4. bruns says:

    if amd is aware of their weak brand perception from mid-end up….then they should be aggressive in their promo campaigns to counter/erase/minimize such bad perception from the past.

    matipid din ata kasi sila sa marketing nila. they really need to spend more for their PR.

  5. Jay says:

    ^regarding brand perception.. kulang na kulang lang talaga sila sa local partnerships at advertisment.

    One notable example is most computer retailers na napupuntahan ko tadtad ng intel posters. madalang lang ang AMD posters.

    Paano makikilala ng tao yung brand kung hindi naman nagpapakilala yung mga manufacturer?

    Phenom / Athlon — name palang ang Panget na pakinggan, mabantot.. What the hell are those? Heroes of mythical Greek fables?

    They need to change that naming scheme.

    For a newbie hindi kaagad-agad na makakarelate in building his rig. At least sa naming schemes ng Intel mas madali mong malalaman kung anong tier ang processor (Pentium, Pentium D, Core2Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7)

    “…due to the decade-long perception that AMD processors heat up so fast.”

    they still believe that? most of my friends pag nakarinig ng intel lalo na kung i7… “mainit yan” hehe

    Ni hindi ko nga alam na AMD heats up so fast nung pinalitan ko Core2Duo processor ko ng Phenom X3, only thing i know that Intel is superior than AMD in terms of performance that time.

    The most common perception ng tao nowadays pagdating sa AMD is cheap, low performance processors.

    Pero sabi na nga ni Rolex…
    “On desktop platforms, however, AMD is champ when it comes to overclocking. I’ve had my Phenom 2 X6 run 24 hours of prime95 stability @4.2ghz at manual voltages.”

    There you have it.. Budget wise, bang for the buck pa rin ang AMD setup.

    I am not an Intel nor an AMD fan boy, just a regular Pinoy consumer.

    Hence, I strongly believe that AMD does have a MAJOR brand perception problem.

  6. dawnripper says:

    Here’s my question — when was the last time you bought a laptop with an AMD processor in it?

    Last feb/2010 dalawang gateway lt3103 from pccorner – athlon processor/2gb memory running win7; ok naman sa performance; even on hours of watching/playing medyo mainit nga lang but expected na. user pa is grade6 and grade4 students. playing Q3A/WC3/DOTA/CS/and many PS games (ffviii & ffix) and other new lower specs games. tried SC2 naghahang sa cinematics pa lang hahaha…

    my desktop is also an amd phenomIIx4 920/4gb mem; plan ko sana is Q8600 but laki ng price difference “dati”.stability problem na sinasabi imo siguro if wrong configuration lang.


  7. kritiker says:

    AMD is quite good actually. Been exposed to it since my first PC is an AMD. Nowadays, In real use, you won’t notice the difference in performance.

    laptops = problem is battery life, but I think they’ve improve a bit better now. other than that, it’s ok.
    may 2009 – acer 4530 – for me, but with a 4 gig setup. still using it now.
    aug 2008 – acer 4530 – for my sis, better than intel’s x3100 graphics.
    sep 2007 – acer 4520 – it’s hot literally but the during that time, it has the best graphics compared to the common GMA950 at the time.

    desktop = no complaints here. People are just fools to get an Intel. The savings you get will get you a premium graphics card and/or memory configuration.
    3rd = AMD Athlon X2 = current desktop configuration.
    3rd = AMD Sempron(can’t remember the model)
    2nd = AMD Duron 650 Mhz
    1st = AMD 4×86

    with today’s applications, you won’t even notice the difference especially for desktops. for laptops, you’ll be quite hit with the battery life. but if your laptop is a desktop replacement like mine, then you’ll be fine. better to get more memory or hard disk or graphics card (for desktop systems).

  8. Jay says:

    Just a follow up..

    “While talking to one of the computer manufacturers recently, they shared that they have a hard time selling premium laptops when it’s powered by an AMD processor.”

    –And you didn’t bother to ask him why does he thinks so?

    Yet the readers are left with…
    The issue MIGHT have to deal with market perception of the brand.

    “Here’s my question — when was the last time you bought a laptop with an AMD processor in it?”

    Was opting for Asus 1201t based on your reviews but then I settled for an Asus 1005P (Atom N470).

    –Mahirap lang talaga ibenta ang laptop na AMD na secondhand lalo na’t di masyadong kilala ng tao.

    Oh anyway, I owned an AMD rig before. Phenom X3 8450 a triple core technology, In my opinion, it’s performance was sub par of my previous rig which was a Core2Duo E6550 especially in running video editing applications and gaming.

    Nevertheless, the AMD build was cheaper and the cost of building one is exceptionally student-friendly.

  9. YuYu says:

    This is so true!

    I think kulang na kulang sa Advertising ang AMD.
    Probably the reason why mura din ang chips nila because they don’t spend so much sa advertising.

    I’m an avid AMD user (my PC/laptops were a K5, K6-2, Duron, Sempron, Turion). Kung wala si AMD, hindi magiging affordable ang mg PCs natin ngayon.

    Yung overheating issue na yan hindi na nakakatawa, nakakainis na.

  10. Eason says:

    My Asus X80Ne laptop :)

    AMD Turion x64 Tl-56 Processor :)

    Bought it November 2008

  11. Mangungubat says:

    I don’t think that the heat issue about amd procie is still an issue. as of my experience, i have athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.2ghz dual core cpu unlocked to phenom fx5000 (which is now similar to phenom II procie) and overclocked to 2.7ghz just using stock fan.I played many 2009-2010 latest games (dmc 4,cod mw2,Fear2, resident evil 5) and it doesn’t hang. im have no aircon in my room, and uses only my electric fan (ajeje).

    AMD is really a big bang for the bucks. for less than 3k, i got a quad core cpu.

    I admit that amd lacks in marketing materials,obvious naman.but think about it, di kaya nagpapalakas ang intel about sa marketing nila dahil more people are switching to amd? hmmm.

    More power to all.

  12. leeto says:

    AMD should do more on promotions and advertising, wag sila maging barat kung gusto nilang sumikat at kumita.

  13. andyboi says:

    hmmmmm..it’s just simple..despite of strong marketing scheme of Intel, AMD now starts to emerge one step at a time to the top wherein more people are now recognizing the performance and existence of the brand AMD…You can check the market for Visayas and Mindanao and see for yourself…partida pa yan medyo d pa sila malakas sa marketing side ng AMD…

  14. andyboi says:

    …at marami ng natulongan tao si AMD pagdating sa small scale businesses particularly in Visayas wherein patok na patok ang coined operated pc..and most of it are AMD processors…d kakayanin sa Intel packages dahil sa presyo palang ng processor at sa motherboard na compatible nito ay dudugo na bulsa mo…
    marketing?! nah…i don’t think so
    results?! indeed for AMD

  15. andyboi says:

    …at marami ng natulongan tao si AMD pagdating sa small scale businesses particularly in Visayas wherein aside sa internet cafes, patok na patok ang coined operated pc..and most of it are AMD processors…d kakayanin sa Intel packages dahil sa presyo palang ng processor at sa motherboard na compatible nito ay dudugo na bulsa mo…
    marketing?! nah…i don’t think so
    results?! indeed and good job for AMD!

  16. lolipown says:

    Intel simply has more money which it can throw at advertising and marketing while AMD has to devote much of it’s resources to research and development.

    And you also have to remember Intel’s overly aggressive tactics in the early years of competition (which they’ve paid a sweet sum to AMD as settlement).

  17. lolipown says:

    For one though, I’m excited for Bobcat and Bulldozer, AMD’s upcoming new chips. I just hope I won’t be disappointed… but then again there’s Intel’s Sandy Bridge.

  18. YuYu says:

    it looks like most of us frequenting tech sites/blogs are on AMD. :D

  19. raynorubuntu says:

    you dont have to spend too much money to advertise a good product…the money that they’ve spent on those multi-million dollar ad campaign, they’re getting them back by charging consumers too much…

  20. lawreas says:

    actually name recall ang kulang sa promotion nila..

    unlike intel that uses layman’s branding at progressive ba:

    from pentium 1-3, Dual-core, Core2Duo, Corei3,i5,i7:
    madaling macatch ng tao kung ano ang entry level, midrange, at high-end..

    unlike sa AMD, prang solely different products ang mga unit models nila.. u have to explain pa sa average consumers ang counterpart nito sa intel para magka-idea sila sa specs..

    sana lagyan nila ng numbering system at general term (like CORE) ang branding nila para effective.

  21. Mangungubat says:

    about on name recall, amd has new branding for its laptops. it is called vision branding which focuses on the user’s needs, not on the specs.it is now circling on the market.i got one of their flyers.

    on desktop side, simple lang naman yung name nila. athlon II x2,3,4 at phenom II x2,3,4,6.well the number tells the processor it has. simply as that.

  22. Martin Copeland says:

    The laptop I’m currently using is powered by an AMD Turion x2.

    It’s an ok proc I guess… It’s just that the heatsink HP designed sucks and I had to send it back to the service center just 6 months after buying it. It’s ok now. It’s just I can’t do tasks that put too much workload because the heatsink just can’t cope up.

  23. NonesenseLife says:

    today im using a amd turion x2 laptop.so far mgnda nmn ung performance nya.im planning to build a amd rig pnga eh.i’ll choose amd rather than intel kung budget paguusapan

  24. RJCA says:

    Both my laptop and my desktop are AMD powered.

    Phenom II X2 550 3.10GHz

    Athlon II Neo K325 1.3GHz

    Value for money. :)

  25. JM says:

    actually, mahirap talagang pag-compare yang dalawang brands na yan.

    sakin lang, sa Desktop okay ang AMD or Intel.
    swak yan! but for Laptops? I’d rather stick on Intel. cguro dahil na rin sa naeexperience ko na mas maganda ang Intel sa Laptop and almost majority ng laptops is Intel Base. :)

    I have an Compaq CQ40 running on AMD Turion x2 (dati..binenta ko na..di ako satisfied :p)
    I have now a Desktop with AMD Athlon x2 5000+ 2.6Ghz
    and I’m quite impressed. kung icocopare mo nga lang sa caches, mas malaki talaga ang cached ng Intel :)

  26. AJ says:

    Bought my Compaq CQ40-416 a year ago, mostly because it’s the cheapest unit with it’s own on-board graphics chip (ATI 3200HD). An Intel MSI unit was around the same price and actually better specs but I didn’t like it’s finish.

  27. manaka_junpei says:

    hintayin mong bumaba ang presyo nang mga processor nang AMD, kahit lumang model nang AMD, nagiging mura na, pero hindi ko alam kung kaya ba niya ang Windows 7, I think next year na sana bumaba ang presyo

  28. Leo says:

    i have an acer aspire 5536 laptop, running on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 QL65 (2.1GHz) processor. So far, okay naman sya, umiinit pero hindi ko sure kung dahil yun s processor, bka kc sa HD din. Bago p ko bumili ng laptop mas gus2 ko talaga ang AMD dahil s price nya. ska nresearch ko n dn ksi s internet dati n ang AMD, hindi n bsta umiinit gaya nung mga unang processors nya.

  29. Les says:

    mas maganda siguro ma compare ang temperature ng intel vs amd… diba nakikita yun sa bios? sorry wala akong units for comparison eh hehehe

  30. Noir says:

    I bought a ACer 4520G which was my first laptop also my first “PC” with a dedicated GPU(although the weakest dedicated GPU).

    Then CompaqCQ40 :D

    bought ana INtel PC in 2008, upgraded into Athlon II x2 OCed 3.55 ghz.

    Sold Intel will buy a Athlon II x3. Will sell Compaq CQ40 will buy Ontario or Zacate in January :D

    4 AMDs and 1 intel for me. Of course

    First PC was Intel, 2nd also Intel then 3rd. When i was aware of AMD i went full force as you can see.

    Oh will also buy a 6750 or 6770 next month:D

  31. Romy Uyehara says:

    With amd powered laptop, battery life suffers… Am I right Yuga ???

  32. Ton says:

    My first self-bought desktop (2002) purchased was an AMD. Cheap setup, but I noticed it wouldn’t boot without the a/c in the room on (or it would shut off for overheating). The tech recommended after market cooling, which compromised performance for noise. I switched the thing for a P4. Its still working today!

    My girlfriend had an AMD notebook not long ago. You could literally fry an egg on the underside after a few minutes use.

    I could try the brand out again, if I had the time and patience to experiment. Sans that, no AMD for me.

  33. Noir says:

    Oh as for battery life

    Yeah if that is important for you then i suggest dont buy AMD for now wait until next year when they will release TRUE mobile CPUs.

    Ontario and Zacate will be availabe early 1Q 2011.

    CAnt wait to have Zacate and play games faster than an integrated i5 GPU.

    Oh Sandy brdige for Intel will also be releasing next year. Dont know about the price though.

  34. Wakocoke says:


  35. drew says:

    o nga.. ads lng ung kulang ng AMD.. gawa sila ng ads na bago na technology ng AMD na hindi na masyadong umiinit ang kanilang mga microproci.. kagaya ng, ang mga lumang microprocessors ng AMD ay pd ka png mg luto ng itlog pero sa mga bagong products nla hindi na ma luluto ung itlog kundi ung performance na ung maluluto dahil sa bilis ng kanilang mga processors. hehe

  36. Solidhosting says:

    When it comes to entry level computers, I go with AMD! One is the price compared to Intel which we all know are very expensive. I have an HP Pavillion DV7 with AMD Turion X2 and it’s performing well compared to my previous Dell Inspiron with Intel Centrino Duo.

    Since we all know that AMD are good for overclocking. It means that heat is not a factor since you are able to overclock it!

  37. Asus G60JX says:

    mine had a turion x2 (hp pavillion dv6810us) before i switched last june to asus with the core i5. served me well for 2 years too until i decided that it was time to sell it before it became worthless.

  38. The Machine says:

    Computer enthusiasts or computer-savvy users would know that AMD is just as good as Intel.

    AMD has a perception problem with the non-computer savvy, who think that Intel is superior and don’t even know what AMD is.

  39. JingE says:

    Brand perception is about marketing and if ever AMD has been wanting on that side, it’s due probably to their capacity to influence retailers to “push” their products. And it’s plain and simple p-r-o-f-i-t which is at forefront.
    But for me, it’s AMD all the way! Eversince it has always been the price. And the power if I may add. Just imagine a Phenom II X6 priced lower than an Intel i5. From the business point of view;do you think we could afford these processors of Intel if not because of the competition brought about by AMD? Competition is indeed g-o-o-d!

  40. MrOrange says:

    I would believe it partly AMD market versus Intel. If you’d recall Intel had a case previously wherein they forced PC Manufacturers to sell Intel only processors, so not all vendors carried AMD processors or if they did. their marketing would be wiped off the face of the earth (pun intended).

    Basically I never had an AMD based Laptop, but had 6 AMD based desktops from the K6-2 550 which I overclocked easily to 800 Air-cooled. to my last one which was a AMD Athlon X2 3200 overclocked as well, still just passively cooled. (no airconditioning)

    AMD is not as hot as what people percieve it to be. Possibly the video on youtube is what destroyed AMD in the past, since comparing a Intel Processor with a heatspreader versus an AMD without one is downright stupid. and removing the heatsink to top the test with. kaya nga ginawa ang heatsink eh.

  41. Mr.A says:

    I got an Athlon XP 2GHz on a Socket A motherboard and it was pretty decent. I switched to Intel, because at the time AMD wasn’t up to the performance of Intel’s Core line of processors.

    My next rig will be an AMD one. I also wrote an article about 3 new Phenom II and Athlon II chips coming in a few months.


    Ontario and Zacate will also bring promise of great performance, given that Ontario will only have a TDP of 10W –if I’m not mistaken, and 18W for Zacate. As some poster had mentioned Zacate was able to beat an I5 processor in terms of performance, but most of the test are focused on the GPU side of the processors. We can’t put much say on the processor side.

    However the Sandy Bridge is another new topic. I don’t think AMD had anything to compete for the Sandy Bridge line as of this moment. AMD is more keen on delivering what the Atom failed to deliver to the majority of the computer geeks like us, in terms performance and portability.

  42. dulfo says:

    I just bought an AMD-powered laptop (MSI-U230) early this year and so far em very satisfied with it. But, even though I recently bought one I tend to agree with yuga that I still can’t get out of the overheating problems attached to AMD procies especially with PCs since the feedbacks were first-hand experiences of my gaming friends. For new AMD procies though, I don’t believed that this is true anymore and so I would agree that AMD has got to do something in this area.

  43. Cyberius says:

    No, I don’t think so. A lot of my friends use AMD. Coz they’re not stupid to just waste money on Intel.

    Intel chips run a lot hotter than AMD. Core i5 while playing games maxes out @ 70+ degrees Celsius while playing Batman Asylum. Compare that to what I recently bought (AMD X2 250) which at idle runs only at 39~40 degrees Celsius. While playing the same games vs Intel it jumps to just 46 degrees C (during afternoon and without any air-conditioning). I think Intel can never top that. The reason why I continue to buy AMD is because I save a lot on electricity bills. Who wants to sweat it out while playing video games?

    The comparison I made is with an NVIDIA integrated vga chip 400mhz 512mb for both system.

  44. Cyberius says:

    I’ve read all the replies on this post. I think it’s Yuga that has brand perception problems.

  45. vondoom says:

    somebody post some benchmarks! hehe things will get interesting pag meron ganon hehe

  46. Joseph says:

    2008 – CQ40-107au my very first laptop

    2009 – LT313

    2010 – Gateway EC13N01i

    All the processors are Athlon..

    Actually hindi naman processor ang umiinit, yung VIDEO CARD

  47. Joseph says:

    2008 – CQ40-107au my very first laptop

    2009 – Gateway LT3102i

    2010 – Gateway EC13N01i

    All the processors are Athlon..

    Actually hindi lang processor ang umiinit, yung VIDEO CARD po ang dumadagdag sa init. Naging issue din ito sa mga Nvidia chipset.

  48. myke says:

    Dec 2006 – Acer notebook forgot the model
    Apr 2007 – gave the notebook to my brother

  49. Manny says:

    there may be a brand perception issue, but i dont think its because of performance.

    its just that, Intel have been forcing manufacturers to cut rivals like AMD out of the market by offering box builder’s exclusive and lucrative deals to use only its chips. something that Intel has been found guilty of and fined billions of dollars in the US, EU and Asia. that in turn made it look like to most consumers that only Intel exists, or at least “the better” one.

    i dont know if it still affects the majority of the market whether its intel or amd. especially nowadays that you buy complete package systems, and the brand you see is Dell, HP, and others. maybe only for those who choose to assembly their own sets.

    as for me, i have both AMD and intel sets, and i dont have problems for both.

  50. Manny says:

    erratum: i meant, assemble their own sets.

  51. JP says:

    Almost all Acer laptops that I’ve reformatted have heating issues. And guess what: they’re all AMD-powered.

    But those were older version processors. I think the newer ones don’t suffer from these problems.

  52. Anon says:

    My current laptop with an i5 430M is the first product with “Intel inside” that I’ve owned since my old Pentium 166. In between, I’ve had a Duron, Athlon, Athlon XP, and an Athlon 64. My older laptop’s CPU is an AMD Turion X2. Actually, I had a P3 in my office but it doesn’t count since I didn’t play games on it.

    I’m one of those who shied away from Intel mostly because of its overheating problems. The P4s and their mobile counterparts were notorious for that. And besides, AMD offered better price-performance ratio at that time.

  53. defunct says:

    this company need a FACELIFT when it comes to ADVERTISEMENT.. naniniwala naman ako sa product nila kasi 8yrs ko na ginagamit wala naman problem.

  54. reirei says:

    Im using an AMD laptop and I’m pretty happy about it.

  55. Mike says:

    AMD should focus on good dealings with Dealers. Look at INTEL they’re everywhere. Give more incentives to dealers & they will help marketing AMD products.

  56. Roy says:

    Dunno if this counts but I recently bought a netbook; Acer Aspire One 721 with an Athlon k125 processor. I think AMD’s niche in the portable computing market will be that of consumers looking for better graphic/video/gaming performance compared to Intel based systems with in the same price range.

  57. ron says:

    “xxx perception that AMD processors heat up so fast. Actually, that’s not a problem any more (but the notion still persists up to now)xxx”

    how true. when i went to pc options along gilmore a few months back, one of the “techie” sales rep there echoed that notion. unbelievable.

    part of the “brand problem” of AMD has to do, IMHO, with what Intel did to them in the past couple of years. remember the settlement of Intel with AMD? one of the charges there was that Intel prevented OEM’s from offering AMD products. less OEMs’ offering AMD products, less advertisement and brand recognition for AMD.

    i work for company where we’re constantly exposed to advancements in technology, but despite that, i was surprised to hear one of my co-workers not knowing what AMD is. lol.

  58. john says:

    lahat ng laptop/netbook ko AMD sure they heat up fast and they suck battery like vampires but they are much much powerful than their intel counterpart that wont do justice when they are compared side by side i.e. intel atom vs amd athlon II neo

  59. JB says:

    THERE IS a brand perception problem with AMD. Even sa retailer level, nagugulat ako pag nagtatanong ako sa mga sales reps about AMD and they keep on telling me that may heat problem ang AMD kaya mas mura. Pero ang totoo eh solved nato kasi mas magaganda ung mga heatsinks ngaun kaysa noon. And AMD never failed to amaze me because I can play graphic intensive games with just a fraction of cost of Intel’s setup.

    I think AMD is strongly committed today to cleanup its PR to the computing public. One of them is the removing of the ATI brand to help dissipate confusion.

    GO GO GO AMD!!!!

  60. michi says:

    My HP tx2 is powered by AMD. Dual purpose sya, Laptop + dyer XD

    But I can say pwede mo syang ibabad, can stay up for days without affecting the performance.

  61. michael666 says:

    personally, mas gusto ko ang AMD sa desktop setup, i have 10 AMD desktop sa cafe ko… for me, madali kasi ma recognize ang AMD sa compatibility ng mga slots sa Processors(AM3, AM2, AM2+) moreover, mas ok ang AMD win it comes to value/performance.

  62. mike says:

    I would still go for ARM

  63. HEECHANG says:

    im planning to buy amd athlon II x4 630..can it sustain the temperature by using the stock heatsink/fan or i need to buy a cooler master heatsink/fan??thanks..

  64. maverick says:

    bgyan ko kau ng tips pra sa mga gamer na gsto bumuo ng cpu..try using athlon II x4 all the games are compatible with this processor next 2gig of ram sa videocard nman try using pc hd 5770..nsa videocard nagkakatalo kung ano videocard ang gagamitin nyo pero ako ngsasabi sa inyo 100% games compatible sa athlon II x4 and 2gig of ram no need to buy phenom..it depends nlng sa videocard na gagamitin nyo..iresearch nyo nlng kung ano suitable para sa gaming needs nyo..most of the games kc nkasalalay sa videocard kung kaya ba ng videocard ung game..one more thing kht pareho clang 512 or 1gb videocard magkaiba cla ng specs..most important is research nyo ung gsto nyong videocard b4 buying..but watch out sa videocard mas mgandang klaseng videocard mas mabilis uminit and matakaw sa kuryente..i hope this tips can help you build your rig

  65. maverick says:

    hndi mo na kelangan bumili ng high end na processoor kc madali nman madepreciate ang value..ika nga nila buy what you need best..when it comes to budget..ireaserch nyo nlng kung gano kamura ang athlon II x4 630 compare to phenom and i5 and i7..x4 means quadcore…high end processors like phenom and i5 and i7 mas mainit kelangan nsa aircon ka kpg may aircon mas malaki ang kuryente..its a no!no! SA MGA BUDGET CONSCIOUS..sa ibang bansa mas prefer nila ang mas mabilis na processors kc hndi nman mainit ang klima compare to the phil,..mas less cheaper ung sinasabi ko it depends nlng tlga sa videocard na gagamitin nyo and the price ng videocard na gagamitin nyo.. athlon II x4 630 processor, 2gig ram memory pc hd 5770 videocard..this videocard (5770)worth atleast 8k but if u low in budget u can use pc hd 4670 1gb compatible games 73%..this 4670 will not work in starcraft II wings of liberty..u need to use pc hd 5770 512mb or higher to play starcraft..compare and see the difference ika nga sa commercial ng nido..

  66. JM says:

    @HEECHANG – maybe yesh..it can sustain the temp..don’t worry..AMD has made their heatsink fans to be working great in their processors.

  67. zue says:

    I am not into technical stuffs but I am currently window shopping for a new laptop for me and desktop for the kids.I found this blog a big help in enlightening me that AMD is OK. It’s true that AMD had a perception problem for commoner ( i mean people who don’t know much about computers ). I really thought that AMD is incomparable to Intel and the reason why it’s cheaper is because it has a substandard performance like it’s slow and has other technical issue unbeknown to me. Because even in the stores, they will encourage Intel over AMD. But thanks guys, now I’ll consider buying AMD.

  68. mangungubat says:

    for me, on desktop side, you should buy amd phenom procie when your are in gaming mode and video convertion.When it comes to video card, basta ddr3 and mataas memory bandwidth, ok na ok na yun. my powercolor hd4670 do a great job when im playing CODMW4 and RE5. I will disagree to people that says high end procie from amd heats faster.based on my experience, my phenom II x4 OC’ed has only stock fan with no aircon.proper ventilation lang ang kailangan para di mainit loob ng system unit mo.

    for laptop, choose amd visiom premium or ultimate.they can be compared to i3 and i5 of intel. They already have a good video card for hd playback and gaming.Im planning to buy asus vision ultimate with phenom II x3 procie to replace my core2duo laptops.

  69. maverick says:

    sorry to offend sa mga nka high end processor..sa mga budget conscious ung mga sinasabi ko buy athlon II x4..yah!!the pc hd 4670 did well when it comes to games,,73% of all games are compatible with this videocard it only cost 3k+ but when you use 5770 99% of all games are compatible with 5770 u dont need to buy inno3d gtx480 just to play all the games..see the difference in price tags of inno3d gtx and 5770

  70. maverick says:

    siguro nman all we know na madaling madepreciate ang mga computer because of their new releases of processors mostly the intel yearly bumababa ang value ng processor na bnili mo thats y most of people are upgrading their computer..apektado ang mga comshop..kaya nga ung may mga pentium 4 na mga comshops palit kagad sila ng mga unit dhil na rin sa mga games na demanding when it comes to requirements kaya nga most of the comshop they used amd because they are much cheaper than intel and madali bumaba ang value ng computer and when it comes to performance hndi nman papatalo ung amd when it comes to games..gsto ko lang sabhn good performance+lower price=wais buyer..

  71. maverick says:

    athlon II x4 and phenom II x4 are quadcores but see the pricetags compare to intel..if u want to buy intel quadcore??intel i5 750,i5 750s and 760 are quadcores,,i5 650 up to i5 680 are dualcores kaya wag kau papalinlang hndi porket i5 quadcore na..talking about i7,,i7 860 up to i7 960 are quadcores..i7 970 is 6 cores..when it comes to i7 extreme edition i7 965 and i7 975 are quadcores and i7 980x is 6 cores..

  72. Mangungubat says:

    yah. i agree with maverick.i thought that all i5’s are quadcore,until recently nang mabasa ko yung ibang threads saying that some of them are only dual core, hyperthreaded nga lang. well the cost of amd is still lower than intel,and what i need is true quadcore for less price.

  73. maverick says:

    can i ask u a question mangungubat??ung phenom x4 mo nka stock cooling fan lang??nagdadalawang isip kc ako kung bibili ako ng phenom bka mag overheat lang like nung last summer umabot ng 37celcius ung init dto smin.can phenom sustain the heat without any problem?lagi kcng 10 to 16 hours bukas pc..

  74. Mangungubat says:

    Yap. stock fan lang po with generic psu.Di naman po umiinit yung procie ko when im playing while converting videos (3-4hours)then watching videos afterwards.Proper ventilation lang para makalabas ang init sa loob ng sytem unit.The one that heats up fast is yung southbridge chip ng mobo ko.I have to put a separate cooler/fan for it.Di ko pa natry imonitor yung temp ng cpu, i just touch the heatsink para malaman kung umiinit, during the times na super init dito sa metro manila.still, no prob with it.

  75. JM says:

    same sakin..I’m using Athlon x2 5000+ hindi nga original stock fan ang gamit ko eh..pang Athlon LE pa to..it means mas mababa ang speed ng fan.. 2600rpm lng..yung stock ng x2 talaga is 3000+rpm something. pero cool and quiet pa din sya..idle in 36-37 load in 41-47 almost 12hrs pong bukas yung PC :) walang aircon or anything..just have 4fans on my casing. 2exhaust and 2intake. working great!

  76. Naru says:

    I bought the TuX gamer 3 years ago (AMD Turion 64 X2), thats the Acer 4520G. I couldn’t measure up the “power draw” because most Core2 laptops then were enormous power eaters. All the amd/core2 laptops then couldn’t reach much as 3 hours in battery life. I resigned to the fact that I can never buy a laptop with enough power for processing and still retain the battery life.

    That is, until I shifted to Mac :P (Which is Intel powered but the configuration is different)

    As for a desktop, I recently built a QC pc, and there’s no competition here. The cheapest and best quad core I can get from Intel is the I5 760 na, anything below isn’t worth the price/performance. So I opted for Phenom II X4, which is a bang for buck deal (6500 PHP for the 945 model!), in which the nearest rival is the Core I3 (~5000) or the Core i5 6xx series (~8000), both were dual core with hyperthreading.

  77. HEECHANG says:

    sabi nman sakin ng tga pcx kpg gagamit ako ng athlon II x4 630,,mobo ecs a780gm-a tpos s-series na casing with stock 550w psu inside kelangan daw ako magpalit ng psu kung magpapalit ako ng videocard..

  78. JM says:

    @HECHANG –
    yes you might need to replace your Power Supply if you upgrade your Video Card to an extreme gaming mode..but if you will use (for example 8500GT) I think your Generic Power supply can sustain the power it needs. But for assurance better by a True Rated Power Supply..kasi almost lahat ng Generic kapag sinabing 500watts almost half lang talaga un..let say, 250+watts lng..unlike yung True rated..kapag 500watts..mga nasa 490watts talaga sya :) Goodluck sa pagbuo ng Rig!

  79. paulkev09 says:

    I think AMD does not know the fact that their products sell the best on those who build computer-related businesses like internet cafés and hardcore pc gamers. AMD should make their way in introducing themselves to the general market so that they can get more attention. Only those who have average to extreme knowledge about PCs knows about the greatness of AMD, not the dumb PC users.
    I know AMD can do better when it comes to the lower-end consumer market.

  80. paulkev09 says:

    …and i noticed that people who have posted their comments here are the ones who have proper knowledge about computers. AMD should make their way in getting themselves known by more users

  81. idiotme says:

    ok lang naman meron naman warranty yan, tsaka bihira lang naman masira ang processor kadalasan motherboard lcd keyboard pero hindi ang processor nagpapatawa ba kayo hihhi

  82. idiotme says:

    tsaka hindi amd ang may problema kasi marami
    pa rin naman mga tao hangang ngayon pentium 4 pa rin ang pinakamabalis na processor hihihi hindi na na upgrade ng technology yung mga utak nila hahaha “pentium 4” talk of the town pa din dito sa las pinas hahaha

  83. EzQX says:

    uh guys can you help me chose a videcard.my rig is core i5 650. and im using a nvidia geforce 210.im planing to change it this xmas.im not a hardcore gamer.i just need a better gpu.my budget is below 5k.what do you think is the best gpu card?thanks in advance

  84. monmon says:

    compaq presario cq42305au

    kakabili ko lang nung november

    amd athlon 2 p340 processor. ok lang naman gamitin. ala namang init init issues pero kung ikukumpara sa ate laptop ng ate ko na may amd p320, mas malamig ung kanaya
    parang hindi umiinit

  85. Ara Micale says:

    The core of your writing whilst sounding agreeable in the beginning, did not really work well with me after some time. Somewhere within the sentences you managed to make me a believer but just for a short while. I however have got a problem with your leaps in assumptions and one would do nicely to fill in all those gaps. If you actually can accomplish that, I could surely end up being fascinated.

  86. Thanks and Please maintain updating your Webpage. I are going to be stopping by each time you do .

  87. jade says:

    sana lahat nalang ng laptops ay powered na ng AMD para wala nang mahal na laptops. napansin ko kasi mas mura yug AMD at alam kong powerful rin naman yung AMD processors.naghahanap nga ako ng laptop na powered ng AMD kasi mas nakakamura ako.

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